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Last Updated Wednesday May 23 2018 02:51 PM IST

by Anju Bobby George

The author is a former World Championships bronze medal winner in long jump

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Neeraj Chopra

2018: New hopes, new challenges for athletes

We have to spot the true talents and provide the best of facilities and training to them in order to fight on level terms with the world's best. Hopefully, the Khelo India projects will be just the start of it.


by Ajay Kamalakaran

The author is the writer of Globetrotting for Love and Other Stories from Sakhalin Island.

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Straight Talk

by Guest Columnists

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Child rapes: noose is not the ultimate answer

The move to introduce capital punishment for rape of girls below 12 years seems to be more of a reaction to the ongoing outrage than a well-considered long term solution to the growing violence against children.

Red Fort

Let corporates take care of our national monuments

The Indian government has handed over the Red Fort to the Dalmia Group for five years. As the authorities consider putting even the Taj Mahal and other iconic monuments under private care, expert opinion is split.


Army's critical 'tail' which faces the axe

Inability to execute 'obsolescence replacements' and the penchant to suspect anything related to procurements, have already made Army logistics extremely complex, sensitive, difficult and plagued by 'non-availabilities.'

Kanam Rajendran, Pinarayi Vijayan and KM Mani

The CPM-CPI wrangling over Mani

The ongoing parleys and backstage moves over inviting KM Mani to the fold give an impression that both the CPM and the CPI remain poles apart in their approaches to the expansion of the LDF.

FDI hike in defence to boost production: HAL

Well below 40 and strong

Fiscal inadequacy must prompt the military hierarchy to pragmatically look at weapon scales and encourage them to adopt differential entitlements based on the type of units.

Xi Jinping

The rise of Xi and the world after him

The enigmatic Chinese premier has become increasingly powerful and on the other hand, fewer of his promises of governance and reforms have been delivered in the years of his rule.

Dr K

by Dr K N Raghavan

The author is a former international umpire and a senior bureaucrat.

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Bill Lawry

Bill Lawry's redemption act

Lawry used the microphone to transform his image of an unfriendly and obstinate character to a warm person who could convey the happenings on the field with passion and energy to the drawing rooms of the vast television audience.

Gundappa Viswanath

Shining examples of sportsman spirit

Instances of sportsman spirit should be made a compulsory part of the syllabus for aspiring cricketers in institutions such as the National Cricket Academy.

Pure magic

Five special catches by Indians

These fielding efforts have been picked on what is perceived to be their significance in the history of the game in the country and not on their relative difficulty.

Hard game

WSC and the helmet revolution

Helmets, which are today an integral part of the kit of any cricketer, were first designed and used on a regular basis during WSC matches.


Test of character and resilience

Cricket is a game played as much in the mind as on the field and only players at peak physical and mental prowess can win matches.


A tale of two last-ball sixes

At a time when Dinesh Karthik hogs the limelight for his last-ball six against Bangladesh, let's revisit the Austral-Asia Cup title clash between India and Pakistan.

Doing his bit

When emotions got the better of spectators

The levels of maturity and sense of responsibility of the commentators and the reporters would go a long way in ensuring that emotions of the crowd do not get whipped up and lead to untoward incidents.

Fairy tale

The miracle at Eden Gardens

To many cricket lovers, March 14, 2001, would remain the Renaissance Day of Indian cricket, when V V S Laxman and Rahul Dravid scripted one of the greatest fightbacks in Test history.


Kohli's success mantra

The Indian skipper's belligerent attitude is an integral part of his persona which has contributed substantially to making him the leading batsman in international cricket.


Well done, Boys in Blue!

Their success at international level in the age-group championship not withstanding, the members of the victorious Indian U-19 team have miles to go before they can aspire to play cricket at the highest level.

Sanjay Manjrekar

'Imperfect' Manjrekar's candid tales

Sanjay Manjrekar deserves applause for admitting his mistakes and showing the courage for penning them down so that upcoming cricketers are better equipped to tackle the pitfalls and challenges that may come their way.

Sunil Gavaskar

Gavaskar – Indian cricket's trendsetter

Gavaskar made us feel proud to be Indians at a time when we had little to boast about. Most importantly, he showed us that we too could take on the world if we set our minds on it.


History beckons Team India

Kohli would be facing his toughest test as Indian captain during the three-Test series against South Africa in their own backyard.


The unparalleled beauty of the first tied Test

Generations of cricket lovers would continue to thank Worrell and Benaud and the sides at their command for their wonderful contribution to Test cricket, which would never be forgotten so long as the game is played.

The bloody battle at Kingston

The bloody battle at Kingston

The India-West Indies Test at Sabina Park in 1976 will forever be remembered for the intimidatory tactics adopted by the home side's pacers and the courageous batting display by the visitors' top order.

Ian Botham

The thriller at Headingley

There have not been many Tests where a side that was on the verge of being written off mounted a rearguard fight of such magnitude and snatched victory from the jaws of defeat as England did in 1981.

Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi

When Tiger Pataudi made a grand exit

Before stepping down, Pataudi restored national pride by leading the side with panache and gave the strong West Indies side a run for its money in the 1974-75 series.

Syed Kirmani

India's finest glovesmen

Farokh Engineer, Syed Kirmani and M S Dhoni rank among the top-three wicketkeepers who have played for the national team.

Kapil Dev

Kapil Dev – in a league of his own

The Haryana Hurricane was a phenomenon that ignited fire in the minds of cricket lovers of the country, leaving behind in its trail a galvanized nation and millions of motivated minds.

Ian Chappell

Ian Chappell – a true leader

Chappell’s confrontations with the authorities were the stuff of legend and helped in binding the players into a tight unit.


by Onmanorama Staff

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Sachidananda Murthy

by Sachidananda Murthy

Resident Editor @ Malayala Manorama

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Sonia, Yechury

Alliance gamble: Is the Congress worried?

The complex equation of alliances has assumed more importance than ever, though opposition parties seem to be missing the larger picture with a belligerent BJP on the loose.

Classy and cultural, Ganges is among the top six river cruises to take

What it takes to clean Modi's Ganga

Prime minister Narendra Modi may be as pure as Ganga but his ambitious plan to clean and develop the country's longest river has never really taken off.

Pakistani high commissioner to India Abdul Basit

Bidding good riddance to Abdul Basit

The outgoing Pakistan high commissioner's aggressive and even non-diplomatic style of functioning was blamed for the plummeting of ties between India and Pakistan.


Can Modi strike a chord with Trump?

Since 1976, no first meeting of a new US president with an Indian PM has been fraught with low expectation as the meeting between Trump and Modi.


by TP Sreenivasan

The writer is a former diplomat and the deputy chief of the council for higher education in Kerala.

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Sridevi- A flower fallen in its prime

No philosophy will console the many millions that mourned Sridevi as she was young, dynamic and beautiful till she unbelievably drowned in a bathtub.


Indian dilemma in Maldives

The present political crisis in Maldives is an occasion when a powerful nation finds its might irrelevant in dealing with a small and weak neighbor.

Photo sharing on social media killing real-life enjoyment

Prisoners of passwords

Facebook often gives you a distorted image of what you are and how the others see you.


Barking up the wrong tree

What Kerala needs in the short term is not President’s rule, but an effective and disciplined police force.


When rich neighborhoods reek of hypocrisy

The first ambassadorial house I moved into was in Fiji’s capital, Suva. Situated on a hill overlooking the Suva port was a real delight and the garden was big enough to hold 1,000 guests.


by Dr B. Ashok

The author is an IAS officer.

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Is Mollywood reaping what they sowed?

The exponential growth of the market and production of Malayalam cinema, which has far crossed the carrying capacity offered by its native audience, is remarkable.


by Amoolya Rajappa

Amoolya Rajappa is a Bangalore-based journalist, trekker, traveler, and a tea lover.

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by Dr Robin Mathew

Behavioral Psychologist

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by Jijo Kuriakose

Founder member, Queerala - An organization for Kerala LGBTIQ

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Josy Joseph

by Josy Joseph

Associate professor, department of English at St Berchmans' College, Changanassery. His areas of expertise include Shakespeare Studies, Literary Theory and Cultural Studies. A bilingual writer, public speaker and translator, he is an active presence in the academic circles of Kerala

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The optics of justice

Will a dalit ever become the supreme leader of either the Congress or the BJP? Will India ever get a dalit prime minister? If and when that happens, perhaps we can claim that we, as a nation, are serious about social justice.


The mother of all inequalities

Of the many gendered spaces around, none is so prominent and explicit as the Indian film industry, particularly in the southern states.


His master's game

It's interesting to reflect on cricket's colonial history as well as what the game means to the people of the subcontinent.

Ravi Shanker

by Ravi Shanker

Poet, translator and columnist. He is the author of 'Architecture of Flesh', a collection of poetry.

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Waiting for ache din

When we sit back in comforts of our living room and pass judgments on who is an anti-national, who is a patriot and who all are not, we should remember that all these terminologies have a history behind them.

Ram Nath Kovind: a crusader for the rights of weaker sections

The rise of the saffron dalit

There's no doubt about the fact that Modi and co. had sprung such a surprise on the opposition that they were shocked into inaction for some time.


Jai jawan, mar kisan

The government doesn’t think twice before honoring a fallen soldier in Kashmir or Arunachal Pradesh or gunning down agitating farmers.


by Gopikrishnan Kottoor

An award-winning poet. He has novels, plays, transcreations, and personality studies to his credit. He was a senior banker with the Reserve Bank of India.

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Letter writing

Writing an essay in the mobile age

I asked each candidate to tell me the title of one or two books that he or she had read. And it was then that I felt deflated, devastated, and defeated. Books? None of them had read any.

The living and the dead

The living and the dead

Wherever we are, wherever we go, we as a people do not give away an opportunity to boost our ego and selfishness.


Inflation, my little one

Inflation is not just an ice cream, my little one. It is the iceberg we ourselves built irresponsibly over time, thinking it'll give us ice cream in the end.

Book reading

In the beginning was the word

I learned that poetry was not just a fairy dream song. It was a world where memories laughed and sang and cried out in pain.


by Aardra Chandra Mouli

The founder and managing director of Aeka Biochemicals.

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Observations of a homegrown entrepreneur

A major perk of being a rare, local breed of entrepreneur (young, woman, biotech, green) is the many opportunities that one gets to interact with a large number of lovely people.


by Robin Alex Panicker

An investor in multiple tech startups across Kerala and outside, Robin Alex Panicker is a software engineer-cum-entrepreneur.

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Saikat Basu

by Saikat Kumar Basu

A freelance journalist based in Canada and India.

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Wildlife rescue and rehabilitation centers

Wildlife rescue and rehabilitation centers

Wildlife rehabilitation and rescue centers are important facility to care and cater for the helpless wildlife that may have been injured in an accident or have been illegally attempted for poaching or illegally captured and are in need of immediate...

P Kishore

by P Kishore

Special Correspondent @ Malayala Manorama

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Making gold from scrap

Established scrap dealers lead a lifestyle that matches the rich and powerful in India.


The economics of 'Kabali'

Kabali's turnover could raise awe and envy: Even before its release, the film collected Rs 223 crore.


The call of the print

P. Kishore writes about how Self Publishing has become a boom and how publishers are minting good money out of it.


Startups begin to sit down

Ventures that are started without much fanfare, in modest surroundings, would see a steady flow of customers, while those launched in prime areas with lots of advertisements could soon wind up.

Net Release

A lowdown on net release

There are some businesses that carry fancy names, but hardly make money. One of them is net release, something that film makers have been clamouring for a long time now.

Traditional Online

The digital threat to traditional business models

Uber, which owns no vehicles, becoming the world’s largest taxi company, and Alibaba emerging as the largest retailer without possessing any inventory, are two good examples of the latest trend.

 Zuckerberg seeks peace with telcos on Web-for-all push

A shift to minimalistic settings

Big businesses have now condescended to the level of new generation business leaders because it is ultimately the deal that matters.

Car mechanics

Dwindling workshops and mechanics

Workshops that once repaired Fiat, Ambassador and Maruti cars are dwindling. The days of getting a quick repair done by a mechanic for a pittance on the way are passé.

Uber taxi

The taxi app revolution

Revolutions in taxi segments are either very quiet and or associated with a lot of sound and fury.


Branding it right

Brand is a feeling and is associated with a set of qualities, often unsaid and undeclared.

Business Boom

Buffaloes are the new cash cows

Those who chose to remain in the state have now turned to another business that is similar and converts wastes to money - buffalo rearing.


Snob Tiffin, health tiffin

Tiffin companies make a killing by pampering the rich ones who think the sky will fall down if they miss one helping of protein or dietary fibre.


by Shalini Anna Dominic

Writer based in Kochi

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No room for compromise, no shades of gray

If our goal is to find a solution to the many problems that we face in the public and private sphere, a degree of flexibility, openness to the views of others, civility in debate, and a willingness to negotiate might garner us better results than...


The great Indian election circus

Every trick in the book is being employed by the ringmasters to convince a jaded audience to give the show another chance to impress.

Roy Paul

by K Roy Paul

The author is a former Civil Aviation Secretary and former member, Union Public Service Commission

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Government files

Time for governance

The government will have to reach out not only to apolitical social forces but also to political opponents and recognize ground realities.


The crisis of democracy

A vibrant democracy requires that the people should have the option of choosing one or the other of at least two national parties.

Deve Gowda

Coalition politics: Kerala's sorrow

What is unique about the Kerala coalition firmament is that people like R Balakrishna Pillai, TM Jacob and Baby John have been hailed as state-level leaders though their parties would not be able to come to power even in a panchayat on their own.

Lauding 'Leader', Chennithala's veiled attack on Chandy

Between Tweedledum and Tweedledee

In the run-up to another assembly election, Keralites have the unenviable task of choosing between two fronts with only marginal differences in their programmes.

Sitaram Yechury

by Sitaram Yechury

Sitaram Yechury is the General Secretary of Communist Party of India (Marxist)

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Narendra Dabholkar, Govind Pansare and MM Kalburgi

Let flowers bloom and ideas clash

Dialogues are debate of ideas and it is only through clash of ideas that civilizations advanced, it is this process that is under threat, writes Sitaram Yechury.


An elevated expression of humanism

Sree Narayana Guru used spirituality as a propelling force for upward social mobility of the people, says CPM general secretary Sitaram Yechury.

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