This luxurious Thrissur mansion is truly a head turner


It is the unique designs and luxurious facilities that make this majestic mansion in Avinissery in Thrissur stand out. The contemporary features of this house aren’t merely used as design elements but have utility as well. The mesmerizing designs of the structure play a significant role in making the interiors extremely beautiful and pleasant. The ventilations are built to receive the south western cool breeze and lots of warm sunshine as well.


The projected sunshades block the heat from entering the house. Smart design features like this are what make this house an amazing abode. The elevation is designed elaborately and equal importance has been given to landscaping as well. The tropical style landscape is indeed the highlight that projects the scintillating beauty of the elevation.


As there is an abundant supply of sunlight, the ventilations are arranged in a way which prevents the heat from entering the interiors. The sun shades are built on the side where there are lots of openings. The windows are installed as if they are arranged within boxes or frames. The grill works and the patio are visible on the elevation itself. The mintos and the walls are arranged after that.

The interiors stand out for the various design forms. The luxurious décor add a regal charm to the interior spaces. The entrance door opens to the foyer space. The formal living room is to the left side of the foyer. Tiles that have a unique antique look are paved on the floor here.


It is the stunning partition wall on the right side of the foyer that draws instant attention. This beautiful wall features CNC works and High Pressure Laminates (HPL) as well. The elegance of veneer could be seen on all the wooden elements in the house. The windows and doors are made using teak wood.

The dining area and the family living area are arranged as a single module. However, a partition wall separates these spaces. This partition wall that includes a book rack, shelf, a coffee table and a TV unit also acts a design element. One could enjoy the beautiful patio from the family living area through the openings.


There is a patio to the right side of the dining area as well. Besides the openings, the louvers and strips too are the eye catching features of the interiors. The louvers are enhanced with aluminum powder coating. Meanwhile, the wooden frame lends classy look to the oval shaped louvers.


The prayer area is arranged on the left side of the passage that begins from the foyer. The custom made sliding door here stands out for its unique design. It is quite evident from its design that an industrial theme has been followed here. The ‘U’ shaped stairway features the elegance of steel. Besides, it has been enhanced by installing MS bent in the shape of ‘7’. The stairway leads to an upper storey bridge. This bridge has open spaces on both the sides.


Besides a living area, there are three bedrooms in the upper storey. All the 5 bedrooms are designed, making sure that lots of sunshine and cool breeze enter the rooms. The walk – in wardrobes are arranged for storage. The bathrooms are designed based on the antique theme.

The chic designs of the kitchen make it an elegant space. A breakfast table too has been arranged as part of the kitchen. The pleasant shade of teal breaks the monotony here. Meanwhile, nano white is paved on the counter top. The shutters of the cabinets are made in veneer with PU finish.


Every décor, design element and equipments in this house are noted for its incredible detailing and utility. The toughened glasses and grill designs makes both the interiors and the exteriors of this house amazingly beautiful. The family is thrilled and proud that they got the mansion of their dreams.

Project Facts

Location – Avinisseri, Thrissur

Area – 6100 SFT

Plot – 32 cents

Owner – Noorzaman

Design – George Soveen, Cisi

Aetas Design Studio, Pananbilly Nagar, Kochi

Mob – 9895757686, 99955660167

Year of completion - 2018