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Last Updated Monday June 25 2018 05:33 AM IST

Five books to look forward to in June

Narrowed down from a list of over two dozen titles releasing this month, here are the five books that evoke curiosity and may find many prospective readers.

Five books to look forward to in February 2018

After an exciting start to the New Year with releases of over 30 books across genres in January, the upcoming month is once again dotted with several interesting titles that may catch the attention of bibliophiles.

Is your child safe? Book review

Are you one of those parents who dole out such unwarranted praise about your kids? Then it’s time you swallow your false sense of pride and pick up ‘Is your child safe?’ and read it carefully.

Dilli chalo: Mixing memories with desire

Here's a book that stands out for bringing out the life and times of Delhi as seen through several phases. It showcases the works of 16 literary luminaries from Kerala as also their Delhi experiences.

Shifting Sands: a book sans binaries

Radha's characters explore hard choices and make improbable decisions, often to the level of 'anarchy' in the traditional Nair setting where they are placed.

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