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Last Updated Saturday August 18 2018 12:01 PM IST

From Bhavana to Aima: Celeb makeup artist Jeena shares latest trends in wedding styling

Amrutha Menon P
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Jeena along with celebrities Photo: Sourced by Jeena

Do you want to become no less than the bride of your dreams on your special day? Simply tweaking your daily routine along with choosing the desired makeup wisely can make the task of dressing up for the wedding day a pleasant one.

Kerala's celebrity makeup artist Jeena gets candid with Onmanorama on recent trends in wedding makeovers and hair styles.

What is the recent trend among celebrities while choosing a makeup for their wedding?


Notions about makeup and hairstyle are mostly derived from global trends these days. Celebrities often ask for a very normal look that enhances their natural features. A very thin layer of foundation with nice bright eyes is a popular trend. Smokey eyes, which are lighter than the original black smudgy Arabic look, are also on demand.

Aima Photo: Sourced by Jeena

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Bhavana Photo: Sourced by Jeena

While celebs choose a very subtle look for the day, for evening functions like reception they can be a little louder with makeup. Even a traditional Hindu bride today is keen on keeping her lips nude and her hair not so ornate. Christian brides too look for a makeup that goes hand in hand with their normal peachy, ivory shades of dress. Natural is in!

Bhavana reception Photo: Sourced by Jeena

From Anushka to Bhavana, we saw brides choosing subtle pastel shades for their outfit. This season, is 'nude style' in in makeup too?

Pastels and nude makeup are in this season. When you don a pastel gown, the only makeup that would go with it would be a simple one. For pastel pista-coloured gown, eye makeup should be a golden sheen along with a light shade of pista green which fits well with the attire. Soft lip shades, thin foundation and opting out of hard blushers will render a transparent look.


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We also saw celebrities in updos this season. What is the in-style when it comes to hair?

Bhavana and Jeena Photo: Sourced by Jeena

The hair style totally depends upon the comfort level of the brides. The important point to be noted is that a hairdo can be modern or even traditional. It is upto the bride to pick and choose something that she is confidently able to pull off.

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What is your beauty advice to soon-to-be brides?

Anushka and Virat

Taking care of your skin is the first mantra for a bride-to-be. Your preparations for toning skin and hair must start two months earlier at least. A few simple steps can help you stay fit and fab for wedding. Make sure you take in lots of fluids and water that help you stay hydrated. Go for simple exercises like walking or even skipping. Exercises help to enhance the blood flow in your cells, which automatically brightens your skin. After all, your confidence is your beauty. Staying happy and confident are essential. If your mind is calm, your face would reflect it.

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What is the main difference between celebrity brides and normal brides?

Any celebrity be it Bhavana, Anushka or Aima are simple people. But unlike most girls, they give ample time to take care of their skin and hair and the result of such serious grooming is evident in their looks. Both celebrity and a normal bride are the the centre of attraction on the special day. I take my clients equally, and offer the best I can. All that I have in mind while dressing them up is to make sure that they look their best without loosing their natural features.

Bhavana Photo: Sourced by Jeena

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What are the common mistakes that brides make while choosing their wedding makeup?

Bhavana Photo: Sourced by Jeena

The most common mistake that a bride often makes is to go by references that doesn't suit your skin and face. For example a skinny person who does not have a wide temple won't look proper in a centre-parted sleek style like Bhavana. She could carry off the look well even though her face was small, as she had wide temples. Similar is the case with a person with round face opting for extreme curls. Make sure you always consult a stylist before fixing your wedding look.


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Remya Nambeesan Photo: Facebook

Who is your favourite celebrity bride?

Bhavana is my favorite. I choose a simple airbrush makeup for her haldi function and Bangalore reception which was widely appreciated.

Do you wish to work with any other celebrity bride?

I would love to stylise actor Miya in a royal Christian gown and an elegant makeup. Actor Remya Nambeesan would be my pick for a gorgeous traditional Hindu bride.

( Jeena is the owner of the Hair Affair salon at Kadavanthra, Kochi)

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