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Listen to your dream, there's a secret message in it

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Some dreams come true. So do nightmares! If you have been wondering which of your dreams have set to become a reality, here’s some help.

There is a pattern in the way you dream, according to ancient texts. Astrological works ‘Hora’ and ‘Prasna Margam’ and ayurveda treatise ‘Ashtanga Hridayam’ list out the significance of your dreams and the precautions you could take to be prepared for them. Even ‘Ramayana’ is full of allusions to dreams.

Not all dreams come true though. Some dreams are just impressions on your subconscious formed by the tensions in your mind. They will pass.

Before we get into an exhaustive list of dream symbolism, here’s a cheat sheet to interpret any dream according the time they appear.

If you dreamt something before 9 pm, you could expect it to be a reality within one year. If the visitation was between 9 pm and midnight, you could expect a faster experience, say within six months. The later the dream comes at night, the sooner its chances of becoming a reality.

A dream that appeared past midnight but before 3 am could become a reality within three months. Any dream seen before 6 am could become reality within a month and any dream seen after that could be a reality sooner than that.

Dreams have been classified into seven. They sometimes receive inputs from your five senses. Or they could be premonitions.

is a dream about an object that you have when you were awake.

Srutham is a dream about something that you have actually heard about earlier.

Anubhavam is a dream about anything you have tasted or smelled when awake.

Prarthitham is a dream about something you have thought when you were awake.

Kalpitham is a dream related to your fantasies.

Bhavitham is a dream which does not fall into any of these categories. This is related to things and thoughts you are yet to experience.

Bhavijam is a dream as determined by the “tridosha” nature of your body composition.

What you should do

These simple things could benefit you and your family.

Never do anything until you have taken a bath in the morning. Bow before the gods and ancestors as soon as you wake up.

Do not litter foodgrains or equipment scatter in your place of residence. Do not step over them.

Do not give away milk, buttermilk, curd and sesame oil after the evening.

Do not donate or lend money after sunset.

Do not let brooms and baskets lean against the wall.

Do not spit facing the sun, that is towards east in the morning and west in the evening.

Try to grow a koovalam tree in the south or west.

Do not leave your footwear near the main door of your house.

Do not drain waste water to the northern side of the kitchen.

Light a lamp in the morning, noon and evening. Light the lamp towards east in the morning and west in the evening.

Do not look south or walk towards south in the morning.

Interpretation of dreams

Each of your dreams has an astrological significance. Each of them has its pros and cons. Here’s a primer.

If you dream of a well with clear water, you can expect to gain a fortune.

If you dream of a place of worship, a pilgrimage is on the cards.

If you dream of dirty water in your house, rest assured that someone is wishing you ill. There may be diseases waiting to happen.

If you dream of staying in a cave alone, you may be at the risk of getting incarcerated. It could also be an indication of imminent insult, loss or degradation.

If you dream of a low-hanging fruit, it means just that. You are about to find livelihood.

Dreaming of free-falls? You can expect a fall in real life.

Were you climbing a mountain in your dream or standing on top of one? You can expect to overcome the crises in your life and recover from the pitfalls.

If you dream of slipping away while trekking a hill, expect failure and ill health.

If you dream of fire, steer clear of burning objects. Someone may be wishing you ill.

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A lit lamp in your dream may be a portent to a pilgrimage.

You may be wary of fire if you dream of your mattress on fire.

Were you crossing a sea in your dream? Get ready for an overseas trip.

Beware if you dream of a fire accident at your house. You or someone dear to you may fall ill. Even real fire accidents are a probability.

If you dream of taking a bath, it may be a portent to a death.

Dream of a water cruise, and you can expect to land a cushy job or go on a trip.

If you dream of cruising in dirty water, it means something else. You can brace for health hazards or other dangers.

If you dream of a current that dried up fast, you may be left hungry for a while. Your finances may be blocked.

If you dream of drowning, you can expect a drain on your resources. Your family may be at the receiving end of a hazards and a bad name.

If you dream of handing over dirty water to someone, you may be getting warned about the disastrous consequences of your actions.

If you dream of a mountain being split in half, it signifies death.

If you dream of ploughing barren land, you may find yourself the target of public ridicule. You can expect a loss of money too.

Dream of building a house, and you may actually have one soon.

Dream of an elephant, and you are likely to own a vehicle soon.

A dog in a dream is tricky. It could mean either death or a temple visit.

A serpent in a dream could mean anything from food poisoning to diseases and death in the family.

Dream of sun or moon and be assured about love in the air. You are blessed by Uma and Maheswara.

If you dream of being injured by weapons, you can be prepared for danger.

If you dream of a road accident, you can drop your plan as dead. It could even mean death.

If an unmarried person dreams of buying land, he or she will soon find an honest mate.

Dream of raw rice, and you are guaranteed of food.

Dream of a village, and you will be taken on a long trip.

If you dream of being stranded in a forest, you can expect to face a difficult time.

Earthquake or blackened soil signifies hindrances to your plans and other disasters.

Have you been donating food in your dream? You may be blessed with a bundle of joy.

If you dream of a burning pile of food grains, you can expect a loss of crops.

If you had the strange dream of being on fire, you can be prepared to be down with diseases or mental disturbances. Your opponents may be getting even with you.

Dream of eating gooseberries, and you have it good. If you have been picking them in your dream, you can look forward to raking up the moolah.

If you dream of an eagle, you can expect to escape your enemies. If the eagle was a dead one, it signifies death though.

Dream of lizards, and you may be plagued by enemies.

Dream of crabs, and you are guaranteed help from all quarters.

Dream of a mongoose, and you will have the upper hand over your enemies.

Dream of a crocodile, and you may find yourself the target of public deceit.

If you dream of a spider weaving its web, it may be symbolizing the web of deceit being formed by your enemies.

Dream of a growing bamboo thicket, and you may be progressing with your work.

If it was fish that came into your dream, you are about to be richer.

A red dress in your dream signifies danger.

If you dram of hair, you may be forgetting something important. Or it could be diseases related to your head.

Dreaming of coconuts? You have bitter enemies around you.

If it was a tulsi leaf in your dream, you could expect your endeavors to bear fruit. More pleasantly, you may be about to be conceived.

Dream of a blue dress and your opponents are waning away.

Dream of sugar and your family is about to roll in the good times.

If you dram of a green dress, even that signifies happiness.

Dreaming of brooms? You are about to be inherited a fortune. Your miseries are nearing an end.

If you dream of a flower in the bloom, peace and happiness are on your way.

Dream of a white dress and you can be prepared for major changes in your life.

If you happen to dream about a Saraswathi Temple, you can look forward to pass your trials and tests.

The dream temple

If your dream involved a visit to the temple, that is a good omen for you. If you were proceeding towards a temple or passing through the temple gate, you can be rest assured that your plans are on the right track.

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On the contrary, if you dream about a closed temple door, you can be prepared for obstacles. You can alleviate the problems by appeasing the Nine Planets. Resume the worship of your family deity if you have been ignoring it. Pay the offerings.

Garden is another powerful symbol in dreams. If you find yourself enjoying a stroll in a green garden or watering plants in the garden, your family is about to be blessed by a baby. A prosperous time is in the offing. Pray to Vighneswara.

If you dream of a beautiful woman, all decked up in jewelry, your family is about to be blessed by fame and fortune. The goddess of riches is at your doorsteps. Prepare your house accordingly. Clean up and light lamps to welcome the goddess Lakshmi.

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