Selfie haters! Yesudas, Sivakumar, now Ranu Mondal | Watch viral video

Ranu Mondal
The viral video of Ranu Mondal with the fan is viral, In the pic (R), Ranu is seen arguing with the fan

Remember how legendary playback singer Dr K J Yesudas courted a controversy when he pushed away a youth's hand as the latter tried to click a selfie with him. And remember how veteran actor Sivakumar was embroiled in a controversy when he knocked a fan's phone who was attempting to take a selfie with him.

And now it looks like singing sensation Ranu Mondal is also facing music for the same reason. A video of Ranu Mondal has gone viral on social media. But this time people are not praising her but calling her rude and arrogant.

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In a video that is shared on social media, Ranu's fan is asking for a selfie with her while Ranu is seen in a shop. The lady fan, who is seen holding her phone in one hand, is also seen touching Ranu's hand while asking for a selfie. The fan got so excited on seeing Ranu that she even held her hand. Ranu got angry and asked her what she meant by holding her hand and calling her. Though Ranu was rude to the fan, the fan didn't say anything and kept smiling at her.

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After seeing the video, social media users are quite disappointed and angry with her. While some commented, 'Shame Shame', some even asked her to be humble. 'No matter how far we go in life....we should never forget our ground', wrote one.

Ranu became an overnight sensation as her rendition of a Lata Mangeshkar song at a railway platform went viral on social media. While people went gaga over her melodious voice, it was musician Himesh Reshammiya who offered her a chance to sing three songs in his upcoming film, Happy Hardy and Heer.