Mammootty's Peranbu review: A cinematic wonder that graces all aesthetics


It is a tale of father-daughter bonding told in an idyllic backdrop. In a gripping narrative, the story cascades into a wonderful course blending the twists of a thriller and artistry of filmmaking.

The story begins as Amudhavan, the protagonist, returns from the Gulf after long years of stay there. He has to look after his teenaged daughter with special needs after his wife deserts him.

The trouble starts when the father and the daughter are denounced by the kin and are forced find a dwelling that would not make a burden to others.

Peranbu flows like a mellifluous poetry with an imagery that catches mists and hues in the air of a picturesque and forlorn land. The emotions are so thick that you cannot sit through the film avoiding the lump in the throat.

Mammootty, the actor immaculate, lends his soul to the character. He translates subtle nuances to graceful expressions with utmost perfection. Director Ram has brilliantly crafted the drama knitting some breathtaking moments of deep emotions. Ram's method of keeping the narrative segmented in chapters gives a mystic charm to the gripping tale.

Peranbu is the story of a girl afflicted by a medical condition, which is termed as spastic paralysis, and her loving father. The movie tells a lot about the physical and mental turmoil that a physically challenged girl in her teens undergoes. Yet, it never falls into a paraphrase of the miserable condition.

Sadhna Venkatesh, who plays the role of Paapa, Amudhavan daughter, excels in the movie. The stamp of artistic brilliance of an outstanding performer is evident in her performance.

Amudhavan depicts a hapless father's boundless affection for his daughter and his struggles to keep her happy.

There are a number of situations which brim with filial love. The travails of the two key characters have been portrayed with utmost intensity.

And when it's a child with special needs, the intensity of the emotion multiplies manifold. Sadhana is a UAE resident and had won the national award for best child artist for her debut film Thanga Meengal released in 2013.

Transsexual model Anjali Ameer, plays a prominent character in the film. Actress Anjali reprises the character of Viji in the film with power and aplomb.

As we move along with the tale, we get engrossed into the world of Amdudhavan and Paapa played by Mammootty and Sadhana respectively. Anjali Ameer, Samuthirakani, Vadivukkarasi also appear in prominent roles.

Though there is a shift in the backdrop in the middle, the narrative never loses its artistic vein and sails ahead by the strength of a coherent script. The beautiful frames of Theni Easwar blends well with Yuvan Shankar Raja's music.