Bicycle gifted for siblings who helped flood victims

Joshua and Jermiah

Mallappally: A WhatsApp collective of Beersheba Theological College, Mallappally, presented a bicycle to two brothers who had donated their savings to buy notebooks for flood victims. Joshua and Jermiah had saved the amount to buy a new bicycle.

Both were down with chicken pox during the floods and had saved the money gifted by kin to buy a new bicycle. When they came to know about the sufferings of flood victims, they broke open their money box and found Rs 700 in it. They bought notebooks for the full amount and handed it over to the school for distribution to the needy. When their story was shared on the WhatsApp collective, the members decided to buy a bicycle for them.

Wards of Kothala IPC church pastor Aneesh and Kochumol, Joshua is a student of St Paul's High School and Jermiah of St Peter's School. They are also Nallapadam activists in their respective schools. Nallapadam is a Malayalam Manorama project that aims at nurturing compassion and service mentality among the student community.

The money was handed over at a function held at St. Paul's High School on Tuesday morning.