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Last Updated Wednesday August 15 2018 04:27 PM IST

Here’s how three spirited moms are changing Kerala’s blue-collar job hunt

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Here’s how three spirited moms are changing Kerala’s blue-collar job hunt helps prospective employers access a job seeker’s whereabouts with Google maps.

An app developed by a women’s collective in Kochi has hit the headlines for all the right reasons.

Just within a month of its launch, this job app,, has already scripted a success story recording 2,000 registrations with 900 employers and 800 vacancies making it one of the most-searched apps in the last few weeks.

To date, all existing job portals work around resumes or biodatas. But this app is different in that you get to interact directly with the employer; even if the employer’s mobile number is not put up for public display. The resume hardly comes into play here.

The app helps the prospective employer access the job seeker’s whereabouts with the help of Google maps. They can directly talk to the applicant, hold an interview or even fix one, all in a few clicks.

A salient feature of the app is that employers can set a time that’s convenient for them and it will only be through that fixed time slot that they can be reached out to.

The app, which runs on Facebook has already become a runaway hit with more than 10 lakh followers viewing it on the social media forum in just two weeks.

Exclusively developed for job seekers, all you need to put in when you register is your phone number, work domain and place of stay. Those who have no access to the internet or the smartphone can contact customer service and register as per instructions.

The app thus assures jobs in categories like nursing, dress-making, tailoring, sales, cash-related fields and tele-calling. Jobs are also on hand for peons, cashiers and domestics. Enterprising home-makers too can have a try with job offers coming their way to supplement the family income. The portal has in fact become much accessed for its ability to deliver drivers whenever required.

Another plus point for employers has become the quick availability of operators, technicians, electricians, plumbers, cooks and data entry operators via the app.

It goes without saying the will turn out to be a huge blessing to employers who seek technically skilled personnel for specific jobs.

More than 800 employers have registered with the app. Almost all the portals in the field charge a hefty sum from employers for the registration process itself and what they get in return are only resumes services.

Quite often, it becomes a Herculean task for employers to sift through and sort the flood of resumes that keep pouring in. And quite predictably, deserving candidates get overlooked. Apart from all this, there’s no way a candidate can find out whether he’s been selected, shortlisted or rejected by a particular employer.

Here’s where strikes a pose. Employers can have a one-to-one meet with the prospective employee based on their location as shown in the maps.

There are no restrictions on the number of jobs to be advertised. Once all the posts are filled, the employer can withdraw the ads. All it costs the employer is a mere Rs 299/- for these facilities. As for the job seeker, all this comes for free! CEO, Poornima Viswanathan, gets charged up as she talks about her novel app.

“It took over a year to get into the structured form as you see it today. I feel immensely heartened that what we developed without any external help or the backing of tech godfathers has been so well received within such a short time. I’m proud that I could present this portal to all Malayalees.

“Three of us who worked to give this app a shape and we are from three different backgrounds. To begin with, I had a banking background and my work took me all over Kerala and then to Bengaluru and Telangana. My partners, Sharika Jyothish and Agnus CD, are at present based outside Kerala.

“While we were all working far away from our homes and families, we used to nurse this dream of getting decent jobs on modest incomes, which meant we could be with our families. That’s how the concept of was born. We are absolutely sure that our app has helped several people to get jobs closer to their homes.

“Being a working woman, I’ve come to realize that all women would love to have jobs near their home bases. Their needs may be varied. Some just want an additional income, others, a social standing. There are yet other folks, extroverts, who would love to interact with peer groups and enjoy the feel of being out with people. A lot of people harbor such dreams, but get stumped by doubts. This happens especially in the case of stay-at-home women who lack the specific skills for any type of jobs. And it’s they who get stumped by doubts.

“Will we get jobs? How can we when we have no skills? What if we trip in our work? Will we lose our jobs? How do we apply? Who will give me a job? They are tormented by umpteen questions like these and such women seldom venture out seeking jobs.

"It’s precisely because of these restraining factors that we see the dwindling presence of women in a mainstream strong workforce. thus helps everyone, especially women, to register for jobs they would be at ease with the most. They can happily contact their employer, talk to them openly and get all the details before joining.

“We have our shortcomings too. At present, we lack a system wherein prospective employers can track out who all live close to their workstations. Employers prefer those who live around their work units. And a lot of folks are willing to compromise on salaries and wages as long as they live in close proximity to their workplaces. Our app has thus become a blessing to small factories, ordinary shops and Kudumbasree production units who can now easily access job seekers through the location maps provides.

“ at present caters only to a small section of people due to the limitations of our app. But we plan to work on them and hope to provide it a much wider reach as early as possible.”

The opinions expressed here do not reflect those of Malayala Manorama. Legal action under the IT Act will be taken against those making derogatory and obscene statements.

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