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Last Updated Friday April 27 2018 12:22 PM IST


Sun never sets in Tiffany's world

Tiffany Brar wanted to shed light on the path of the blind people like herself. The urge sowed the seeds of Jyotirgamaya, a mobile school for the visually impaired.

Try wonder pen that turns into a tree!

There’s got to be a lot of love when you sign off a letter 'with love'. More so, if the 'with love' flourish was made with Lakshmi Menon's paper pen.

A birthday party is no child’s play. Ask Anu

Anu Nipin’s Cabbon Entertainments is ready to celebrate any event related to children, including the baby shower, the day a child comes home after birth, the ceremonial 28th day and of course, the all-important birthday.

Mayanka, Poonam win Mrs India contest

With an aim to showcase the beauty and talent of these enthusiastic ladies, Mrs India-Pride of Nation 2017 said it also strives to empower them to be better contributors to society.

Age: 20, CTC: Rs 39 lakh

It was through campus placement that CET students Arshaly Jose and Aksa Elizabeth Sunny landed covetable jobs with tech giant Adobe.

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