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Last Updated Friday April 27 2018 12:19 PM IST

Hate to wear dupattas? No probs, Poornima Indrajith has got you 'covered'

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Poornima Indrajith

The name of the game is 'challenge'. That’s what the designer tag carries. Unless one re-invents, innovates and markets, a designer is only as good as her condemned pieces. It’s the customer who calls the shots in a fashion wear studio. Design or perish. On her toes, 24-7-365 is Poornima Indrajith, who loves to dabble in designs.

An expert in the art of improvisation, she comes up with tips on how to look dapper and trendy in a jiffy with a few deft change of clothes.

Uniform for She Taxi drivers

Poornima Indrajith

She recently landed an order to design a uniform for She Taxi drivers, a task fraught with tension, she said. A lot of time went into the planning part before the design was executed. She had to spend hours with several women to find out what their needs were. The next step was to walk in their shoes to get a real-time feel of their job demands.

The women step into their uniforms right in the morning. Hailing from conservative families, most of them are modestly dressed. Hence, getting used to a uniform which does not call for a dupatta would be a bit of a bother initially, Poornima realized.

The dupatta was after all a redundant bit of clothing which would constantly come in their way while at the wheel. Besides, most of them were from families which survived on a daily income. They could afford only that sort of hardy material which could withstand the rigors of daily washing and ironing. And it had to be affordable too. The uniform was designed weighing all these considerations.

While at a job what’s required is absolute concentration and that should not be the occasion or time to be bothered by uniform woes, the foremost consideration being the comfort level of the attire. One cannot afford to be self-conscious about one’s uniform … neither too tight nor too loose. A lot of women thanked the designer after trying them on and working in them. The uniform gave them the freedom to work comfortably in.

Some no-dupatta options

Poornima Indrajith

The Nehru jacket is the best option for a no-dupatta outfit. Cardigans and shrugs too don’t need that piece of cloth around the neck or around your bust. Dupattas are called for only if one is clothed in tight or slim-fits. Comfort-fit clothes which hang loosely on you will look odd with dupattas.

Multi-layer Khameez can be another choice. The cape and poncho are ideal for those who’d give anything for a bit of experiment in fashion. High-neck kaftans too don’t look good with dupattas.

Season-staple dresses

Poornima Indrajith

Any lightweight fabric loosely stitched is the ideal wear for Kerala’s climate. It’s always best to be clad in loose-fitting garments. Leggings or clothes that don’t sweep the floor or the ground you walk on should be the norm. Garments that are airy and allow you to move about freely are the best buys any day.

From office to party

Poornima Indrajith

» If it’s a simple, single color kurta to the office, go in for a printed jacket or something with heavy work for your evening outing. Even an ornamental scarf could make you stand out.

» If it’s again a simple, single color sari on a party day, wear a large or chunky ornament around your neck or statement ear drops or ear rings to make a style splash. This ensemble could complete your evening party look.

» If attired in simple western clothes, go for a bright scarf with catchy prints, dab on shimmer-laced lipstick and deck up those eyes with layers of eyeliner or kohl.

» Throw off your casual footwear and go waltzing in shiny shoes. That’s glitz enough for an evening.

» Party does not mean decking yourself up in all sorts of accessories. On the contrary, style and chic lie in maximizing your looks with minimal deck-up.   

The opinions expressed here do not reflect those of Malayala Manorama. Legal action under the IT Act will be taken against those making derogatory and obscene statements.

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