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Last Updated Sunday March 18 2018 03:02 PM IST

80 plus but badass: elderly woman descends a well to pick coconut | Video

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These days, we throw the phrase ‘young at heart’ to describe anyone and everyone above 60. But there’s probably none more deserving of this title than this grand old woman from Kerala.

In a viral Whatsapp video, the grand old woman, who looks at least 80, is seen descending a well using a rope and pail used for drawing water to pick a coconut that fell into it. Although the well is full of moss and looks quite slippery, the granny doesn’t seem bothered at all.

It’s understood from the video that two people are standing by the well, waiting for her instructions and one of them is videotaping her. Watching the irresponsible helpers she had chosen for her 'Mission Coconut', the granny exclaims at one point: “Who cares even if I fall into the water!”

But with her remarkable flexibility, the old woman impresses us by succeeding in her coconut mission with the agility of a Navy man. Check out the video here.

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