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Last Updated Monday May 21 2018 12:45 PM IST

For Delhi’s hapless street dwellers, this Kerala woman is the face of God

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To those forsaken, lost and rejected in Delhi, Ancy Johnson is the face of God. It all began in the September of 2011. Padam Bahadur Darnal, lay writhing in pain on the road next to Safdarjung Hospital. He screamed out for help, for he knew he was in his last moments, but not a single passersby took pity on him. Some turned the other way. Darnal saw death inching closer when all of a sudden, he felt the touch of life closing in on him. Hope had come in the form of a young girl, Ancy Johnson, a Malayali, settled in Delhi. She took care of him and Darnal took baby steps back to normal life. With better health, came a clearer memory too.

Darnal was a BSF jawan. En route Kashmir, he was waylaid and attacked by goons in Agra, who stripped him of his belongings and left him on the road to die. Ancy immediately contacted the BSF headquarters. A much relieved BSF told Ancy that they were getting Darnal’s obit ready. They thought he was dead because he had failed to report for duty. Senior BSF officers rushed to the address Ancy had given them and identified Darnal. Today, if Padam Bahadur Darnal stands tall to safeguard our borders, he has a young girl’s kindness and compassion to thank for.

Hailing from Kanjirappally in Kerala, Ancy is a source of succor to the hapless people.

Ancy’s cozy nest

Ancy’s abode in Fatehpur Beri near Chatterpur is built on the foundation of care and love. Shanti Niketan, her haven of comfort, has 33 inmates at present. She rescued those thrown out on the streets and today, they are one big happy family. Ancy is now mother to those who were kicked out of their homes, an elder sister who shows light to those in despair and a loving little sister to all. She protects and takes care of them all with the limited resources she has. Today, when cops spot someone in deep distress on Delhi’s streets, they call Ancy.

She drives across in her car the minute she gets a call. Her trusted lieutenants, Soji and Vincent are always with her.

Ancy says she can never bring herself to describe the pathetic state she finds people on the streets. She has seen and saved those ripped apart by street dogs and eaten away by worms. From the drains, gutters and dung heaps have come these people to the warmth and love of Shanti Niketan. From 2007 to this day, not a day has gone by without tears welling up in her eyes. So intense is the depth of misery she has found people in. But not once has she turned her face away. She carries people from the streets and gives them the comfort of Shanti Niketan. With her help and strength, quite a lot of them have limped back to life.


At the moment, Ancy has three Keralites under her care, Ramachandran from Thiruvananthapuram, Balettan, a Mumbai-Keralite, and Kannur native Joseph. Shanti Niketan lives each day with the help from good-hearted folks. From a cramped quarters, the home has now moved into a better place.

Ancy can now move about freely and care more for her “orphans”. There’s still a long way to go but Ancy knows she will prevail it all.

Those willing to chip in with resources may please send in their contributions to:

Shanti Niketan Social Welfare Society

A/C No: 0397053000003270

South Indian bank

Vasanth Kunj Branch

IFS code: SBL0000397

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