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Last Updated Thursday March 22 2018 01:56 AM IST

6 super-foods to include in your post-pregnancy diet

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6 super-foods to include in your post-pregnancy diet

Getting rid of that saggy mommy belly might be your top-most priority after delivering your baby. But dear mammas, there’s something more important for your body after your bundle of joy arrives: nutrient-rich food.

While the quality of your breastmilk stays pretty much the same no matter what you eat, there’s a catch: when you aren't getting enough nutrients from the diet, your body will naturally provide them from your own stores.

So, be good to your body and make these healthy additions to your diet.

1. Post pregnancy, nursing mothers need 74 grams of protein per day in addition to their other daily nutrient necessities. Good quality proteins can be consumed through the inclusion of lean meats, fish, eggs while for vegetarians, nuts, seeds, dairy and legumes along with rice, wheat, millets, or any other cereal provides complementary proteins that meet your daily protein needs.

2. Calcium needs increase by about 600 mg per day and dairy products like curd, buttermilk, milk, paneer and cheese, as also ragi, dark green leafy vegetables, almonds, soybean, etc can help you in meeting these additional needs.

3. Mothers need about 500-600 kcal extra per day while breastfeeding their babies as energy is required for producing milk. The quickest and best source of energy is carbohydrates, which help you produce milk for your newborn baby. Maintain blood sugar levels by not consuming excess sugar to gain energy.

4. Whole grains like oatmeal, quinoa, whole wheat, millet rice, brown rice, barley, and dalia provide energy with high fiber that helps in having a healthy gut, keeping your lipid levels in check and reducing the risk of weight gain.

5. Vegetables and fruits should have an important place in your post-delivery diet. They are a great source of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients, which are essential for you and your baby. Ensure you take fruits and vegetables that are not contaminated by pesticides.

6. Ghee, which is clarified butter, can be used in small amounts. Vegetable oils contain unsaturated fats that help control your cholesterol levels rather than increase them, unlike saturated fats. Olive oil and canola oil are rich in monounsaturated fats, which help to reduce the LDL (bad cholesterol).

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