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Last Updated Thursday March 22 2018 01:44 AM IST

5 personality traits every woman must nurture

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5 personality traits every woman must nurture You have to realize that not all setbacks stem from your limits. Photo: Screengrab

Life is a Shakespearean tragedy. Or is it? You could turn it into a merry story if you are strong-willed. All of us may have had our phases of fear, failure and insecurity but the winners are those who transcend those times.

Bear in mind these simple steps to counter the currents that threaten to sweep you off your feet. You have to realize that not all setbacks stem from your limits. Sometimes, you only have your attitudes to blame for your failures.

1. Say ‘No’

You have to realize that you are not bound to oblige everyone. If you do not say ‘no’ when needed, you are the one to suffer. You can’t satisfy everyone, be it your boyfriend or friend. If you continue to be lenient with everyone, your life might slip away from your fingers. Do not brood over the impressions you make on others. You have no duty to go with the tide.

2. Fight for your space

Be aware of your surroundings. You have a role to play in all your realms, be it your office or house. Your place is relevant. You have to fight back to guard your space. Be an active participant than a passive observer.

3. Be realistic

Grant everyone the space they deserve. Do not lament over the mistreatment meted out by someone. Do not fret over unrequited love. You have to realize that you cannot hold on to someone by force or by being tearful.

4. Be sincere

Be sincere in everything you do. Try to do everything perfectly. These are the hallmarks of a person. A lack of dedication and perfection is sometimes a contributing factor to the setbacks faced by you.

5. Be optimistic

Your optimism will guard you against the crises in your life. Life does not course through the path your chart. Be flexible in such situations. Be strong in your trials. Be forward-looking and optimistic. That is the most important thing.

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