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Last Updated Saturday April 21 2018 08:58 PM IST

4 simple tips to beat stress and feel good every day

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Blame it on lack of will, not time, if you turn out to be an early bird for medicines and dowdy looks. A whole lot of people whine about the want of time to keep them fit and looking good.

Find the time, steal it, if you want to be in shape and look groomed wherever you are … at home, work or just roaming around. Everybody is busy, right from the homemaker to the techie, to the doctor and the celebrity. Why then do some folks have a spring to their steps, manage to look fresh and feel fine about everything?

It’s all in the mind. Health and grooming have to be polished up regularly as life’s battles take a toll on one’s wellbeing. Wellness needs no heavy investment. All that’s needed is an awareness of one’s health and the need to keep it in fine form.

A flab-less figure, a glowing skin and a bit of lightheartedness are the best medicines for good health, worth every bit of your effort. Follow these simple tips to feel good and look good.

For a bit of discipline

A bit of discipline in daily routines is a must. Set a pattern and be regular in following it. Fix a time for each meal and stick to the schedule every day.

Maintain an ideal bedtime … neither too late nor too early. Let not the last meal of the day stretch late into the night. Dine early enough and hit the pillow only an hour after you’ve eaten.

Avoid after-dinner snacking while at the telly or relaxing with a book. Such erratic eating will play spoilsport with your tummy and wreak havoc on the digestive system.

Never binge on in-between snacks. When hungry, go for fruits. Chips and crispies, though instant quick-fixes for hunger pangs, are the least desirable items on one’s health chart which could bring in trouble at a later stage.

Say NO to salt

Too much salt intake damages the skin and hastens water retention in the body. Early or untimely graying and hair fall have been related to excess salt ingestion. It’s also best to avoid spicy and tangy food. Food that’s too tangy can rob the skin of its glow and make you anemic.

Have your pick of eatables according to the need of the season. Papaya, tapioca, potato and bananas, low in water content, are best for the monsoon. Pulses too are a must on your food list. Boiled vegetables are good fillers that prevent you from hogging on the main meal.

Soak up on oil baths

An oil bath is not only a luxury but also a therapy. Grandmas discovered that oil had healing and soothing properties and was best for tropical climates. Pamper yourself with a warm oil bath at least twice a week. It exfoliates dead cells and rejuvenates the skin. Rub in the oil all over, leave it on for 15 minutes and wash it off in warm water. Oil keeps wrinkles at bay.

Ramacham or vetiver can be soaked overnight and a bath in the medicinal water is a refreshing experience. It also keeps the skin firm and glowing.

Besan and chickpea powders are ideal natural scrubs which rid the body of dirt and dead cells, while keeping it moist. A good massage with these herbal powders enhances blood circulation and keeps the body fit.

Face reflects health

Stress, tension, anger and mood swings adversely affect your health and good looks. These negative emotions get reflected on the face. Ayurveda recommends a solid good oil massage and bath to relieve you of mental toxins.

Mental stress can ring in untimely graying, excessive hair loss and a host of health issues like sleep deprivation, loss of appetite and indigestion. This will affect the texture of the skin with wrinkles and roughness setting in. Go for yoga, light exercises or dance to de-stress the body and mind. Zumba dancing is another recommendation.

Or just dance away to glory to your all-time hits at home!

The opinions expressed here do not reflect those of Malayala Manorama. Legal action under the IT Act will be taken against those making derogatory and obscene statements.

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