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Last Updated Tuesday May 22 2018 03:40 PM IST

'Please don't stop the music': Helps you knock out your chores with ease

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'Please don't stop the music': Helps you knock out your chores with ease

Ask a woman, a homemaker or what you will, whether she's in the cozy habit of jiving up life with music. Expect the work-weary answer: "O, I'd love to … but where's the time?"

True, in so many ways. Where's the time? When there's food, laundry, dish-washing, shopping and a houseful of whiners to attend to, which sane woman would want to chill out on music? It's confusion worse confounded if you're out working when the mornings and evenings at home turn into veritable battle hours.

Under these circumstances, the question, 'do you listen to songs' sounds silly!

How about some music after the day's work is done? Who would, after so tiring a day?

Press pause, for here's a lowdown on how de-stressing it can be to listen to music while at work. The benefits of music are too beatific to be dismissed as nonsense. If accepted with an open mind, the health benefits of tuning in to songs are numerous.

Music is not just to fill your ears. It's a sensation that seeps into your whole being, touches every cell in your body and draws out the positive energy in you. You become a whole new being. It enriches life. Researchers have found that the stimuli you get out of music can, unbeknown to you, bring in such wonderful changes to your life and attitude. Fall in love with music and find out how each day opens out to a wonderful new experience. Music is a means to make life enjoyable and worth living.

Music therapy is like an elixir, which can cure ills and restore health and wellbeing. Experts at Harvard Medical School would vouch for this fact. They say it’s a wonder drug that heals. Through music, the human brain can not only identify different daily sounds, but also delicate nuances like tone, tenor, tune, rhythm and chorus. It’s when the mind becomes receptive to nuances that the healing process sets in.

Research again says that while music brings in fresh sensations to the conscious and subconscious mental levels of the aged, it perks up concentration levels in kids and adolescents. There are surgeons who listen to music while at their surgical procedures. Those suffering from speech impairment brought about by brain-damaging accidents have had their faculty restored through the powerful medium of music.

Music has also been put to much positive use while treating kids with autism. It's a proven fact that several mental disorders have been set right through music therapy. Music has freed people from depression, anger, anxiety, fear and so many other mental flaws. Listening to songs helps build resistance and brings down stress and tension.

Tune in to songs while going to bed and you find yourself snoozing off to glory. The greatest testimony to the efficacy of music lies in those lullabies mothers have sung from time immemorial while rocking their babies to sleep. Babies find a deep sense of security in their mothers’ voice and the rhythm of the songs.

Music is again a workout-magic. It’s easy to relate to the rhythm while sweating it out in the gym or at home. It keeps the push-ups going up more and more. The National Institute of Mental Health survey in the US says at least one out of 46% individuals surveyed, shows up some sort of mental instability or the other. This has gone up by 35% in the period between 1987 and 2007. When these patients were put through several sessions of music therapy, they came up with wonderful results.

Now that the benefits of listening to songs have been enunciated, doctors say it works out to the benefit of people to turn to music however busy they might be. Music has to be part of a daily routine. Even while slogging it out in the kitchen, if you can have your earphones plugged in, the songs you listen to will surely ease your burden. Turn your music into your life and your home into a song of joy.

So here's to…

Come on over in my direction

So thankful for that, it's such a blessin', yeah

Turn every situation into heaven, yeah

Oh, you are

My sunrise on the darkest day

Got me feelin' some kind of way

Make me wanna savor every moment slowly, slowly...

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