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Last Updated Thursday April 19 2018 08:19 AM IST

Here’s why you should choose silver over gold

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Here’s why you should choose silver over gold

Like Malayali women’s ever-favorite gold, silver is one of best metals for jewelry design. Highly reflective and malleable, silver can be transformed into everything from fine flatware to mirrors and personal adornment.

As it does not tarnish when worn, silver is often associated with purity. But although it is considered a precious metal, silver costs far less than gold or platinum, making it a good choice for artisans and jewelry designers who want to create large, dramatic jewelry at a lower cost.

The metal is also a popular choice to pair with certain semi-precious gems, amber, turquoise, and garnets to highlight their rich colors.

Versatile and economical, silver can be worked into thick chains, bold earrings, and broad cuffs or look as delicate as a lace. The reasons to choose silver are umpteen. Onmanorama Women looks into a few.

Here’s why you should choose silver over gold

1. Silver jewelry is more affordable. All intricate gold jewelry designs can be easily replicated in silver.

2. Of late, there has been an invasion of silver and gold combined jewelry on different fashion stores on the internet. Earlier, it was restricted to wearing gold and silver on the same look, but now it's a prevailing trend.

3. Customer's interest is shifting towards tribal ethnic and offbeat jewelry designs and that of course, come in antique silver.

4. Silver can be encrusted with any stone easily as opposed to gold.

5. Unlike gold, it can be safely kept at home rather than keeping in lockers.

6. Adopting silver jewelry on various occasions can elevate your look instantly. For your traditional outings, you can opt for oxidized silver jewelry and look stunning. Silver jhumkas, tribal necklaces will give you an edge in style. For classy and elegant evenings, opt for silver dainty jewelry pieces, which include silver studs or drop earrings. You can also opt for thin delicate bracelets to look gorgeous.

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