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Last Updated Wednesday March 21 2018 02:23 PM IST

Breast pumping: here’s the ultimate guide to getting it done

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Breast pumping: here’s the ultimate guide to getting it done Photo: Getty Images

The post-delivery working phase is perhaps the most stressful for a career woman. The constant thought of the baby and a hundred other allied doubts worry them no end.

Thoughts about the baby’s health take center stage, the most important being how to breastfeed the infant who is at home, while you are at work.

Can breast milk be collected and kept? Will it curdle? How best to use a breast pump? Questions like these pop up robbing you of your peace. A lot of old-time and oft-repeated myths in circulation add to a mother’s anxiety.

Much like learning to breastfeed, using a breast pump is something that takes patience and time to fall into a setting or routine that works best. Here, Onmanorama Women offers a few health tips to help you with the process.

Use breast pumps

Even if you are a healthy woman, if the baby is not fed regularly, the breast milk gets accumulated and unless it’s discharged, the mother turns unwell with fever, swelling and body ache giving discomfort. Small-time relief can be had if the milk is collected with a breast pump and expelled from the body.

Working mothers need to find a schedule to feed the baby. If the work is full time, the best course would be to feed the baby in the morning, evening and night. For the mid-day feed, milk collected via pumps would be the best. This entails that the baby should be in perfect health, the milk is preserved in a feeding bottle and stored under cool and clean conditions.

How safe is the milk?

A lot of doubts still persist about feeding a baby with milk thus extracted. Will it get spoilt, is the biggest doubt. Breast milk can be kept outside under normal atmospheric conditions for up to eight hours (less than 25 degrees C or 77 degrees F). The milk will be fine for up to six hours at this temperature. The milk can be preserved in a fridge under – 4 degrees C or 40 degrees F for up to five days.

Electric pumps

Women can carry the breast pump with them to extract the milk out at regular intervals and prevent its accumulation. The pump also helps in extracting the maximum quantity of milk.

For those running short on time and find it difficult to manually work the pump, there are ones that run on electricity, which do the work.

Such pumps should not come in contact with water and are to be used only as per strict instructions.

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