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Last Updated Monday March 19 2018 06:23 AM IST

10 ways you’re spoiling your kids without even realizing it

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10 ways you’re spoiling your kids without even realizing it Avoid the pitfalls of permissive parenting by knowing these universal truths. Photo: Screengrab/ Representational image

Here are some universal truths for parents, if faithfully adhered to, can turn their little angels into monsters before they realize there’s a flip side to indulgence.

1. Get your child everything he or she would ever wish for, even before it could be wished for, with no thought for the value of money.

2. Dress them up in the best of clothes, the latest in jewelry and make them live in a brittle world of material possessions, where to be seen in the best and the latest is the ultimate in living style.

3. Give undue importance to the child. Put off everything and rush to pamper him or her at the slightest sound of a whimper or a roar of protest.

4. Try to keep them happy at all times. Do only what makes them happy… Be it full-time TV viewing or video-gaming.

5. Sacrifice your fondest food for the child’s favorite.

6. Get kids to join only those extra activities they enjoy in school, buy them all they’ll need for such pursuits and desist from not giving all they need in one go.

7. Refrain from correcting children. Build up reasons for excusing wanton behavior with the “after-all-they-are-kids” statement and give in to their tantrums.

8. Back up your children during fights with peers and find reasons to justify their unruliness.

9. Justify your child in school and lay the blame on the teacher when issues crop up.

10. And…finally… spare the rod and spoil the child!

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