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Last Updated Monday March 19 2018 06:24 AM IST

10 tips to become a super-mom

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mother-kid-infant-motherhood The most important part of being a parent is to observe and understand your child’s genuine interests and talents.

The world of children is a fascinating one, full of color, curiosity and imagination. The biggest challenge as a parent is to relate to your child’s world and forming bonds that last a lifetime. Understanding your child is one of the most important things that you should learn as a parent. Every mother struggles with the question of whether she is doing a good job of taking care of her child’s needs. Here are a few tips to help transform mothers from ordinary to super moms.

Make friends

Have you ever been alone in life with no friends? It is the worst feeling in the world. Lack of friends can make your child cranky or temperamental. Children need companions of their own age. Go for a walk with your child. Meet and greet your neighbors. Strike a conversation, make friends with them. It would help you to expand your social network and forge a supporting system which may come in handy at the time of an emergency.

Get creative

Rekindle the creative streak in you. Sit with your child to make shapes or figures from cardboard boxes and old magazines. Craft handmade postcards filled with your child’s drawings, writings or pictures. Send it to grandparents or relatives. Encourage and join the child’s attempt to make small gifts like bouquet or dolls for friends and cousins.

Observe, involve, nurture

The most important part of being a parent is to observe and understand your child’s genuine interests and talents. Look for patterns and consistencies in behavior. It could be drawing, painting, singing or dancing. Any interest can be nurtured into a talent with proper attention.

Gather children from the neighborhood, arrange a little show and encourage them, including your child, to display their singing, acting or dancing abilities. This would help shed the inhibitions and instill confidence. Human beings crave for recognition from a very young age. Every child needs to feel important. The right amount of recognition would help the child grow into a confident individual.

Less is more

Give your child the space to be goofy. Allow them to be silly; involve yourself in their games. Children are curious to try new things. Let your daughter do your makeup on an evening. Girls love to dress up and dressing up. You can try a little grooming on your daughter. Treat her to an oil massage and shampoo session. Paint her nails and arrange her hair. These little acts of affection would go a long way in strengthening your bond with your child.

Strong body, strong mind

Have you seen the viral videos of Ryusei Imai, the tiny, 6-year-old karate kid from Japan who imitates legendary martial artist Bruce Lee’s complex moves?

Teach your child the value of physical activity at a very young age. Familiarize them with light exercise routines. Sports and physical activity make the child agile in mind and body. Arrange a sports day with the kids from the neighborhood. The winners may be treated with little rewards and lots of encouragement. Remember, a healthy mind resides in a healthy body.

Growing up is fun

You can introduce your child to adult responsibilities by taking him along when you run errands. Show him how postal service works by making him write a letter to his friend and posting it himself. Technology has distanced man from the simple pleasures of old world methods of communication. The archaic practice of letter writing by putting pen on a real paper had its own charm. Let your child get an experience of that. Show him the proceedings at a bank or the process of paying bills. Let him/her watch and learn.

Kitchen is our playground

Involve your child in activities in the kitchen. Children love to copy adults. Let the kitchen be their playground occasionally. Take them with you to shop for groceries and vegetables. It would be easier for them to learn the name of vegetables and pulses. Cooking together and eating together strengthens the bond in the family.

Fun with food

There is an easy way to introduce places and countries through food. Prepare the food from a particular place and show them that place on a map or globe. You can introduce the history and culture of the place. Serve Chinese food and travel through China one week; the next week’s destination could be Italy or France.

Treasure hunt

Acknowledge the accomplishments of your child, celebrate the little victories. Gifts and presents are a great way to express love and care. But on the next birthday, plan a treasure hunt instead of simply handing over a gift. Leave clues in the form of tasks. Solving each would lead to the next clue and reveal the gift in the end. It could also be solving a fun round of puzzles. The child would remember these lighter moments of mirth and associate you with the best memories of his/her life.

Virtue of stillness

Board games are a great way to learn patience and stimulate mind. A game of chess, scrabbles or caroms in the evening would also increase the child’s focus and concentration. It is a good way to keep him/her off from television and video games.

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