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Last Updated Thursday May 24 2018 07:21 AM IST

5 tips to make chapped lip woes a thing of the past

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5 tips to make chapped lip woes a thing of the past

If you suffer from dry, cracked lips, you've probably tried everything to fix it. You've in all likelihood bought 100 varieties of lip balms and scrubs, which soothe the lip but don't fix the problem. Perhaps you've also tested some DIY hacks you've seen online using grapes and papaya. And maybe you've even decided to just leave your lips alone for good.

Well, enough. Here’s an easy lip-care regime that can solve the problem forever.

* Don't lick your lips: Quite unlike what we thought, as your saliva evaporates, it removes all natural hydration and makes your lips look all the more parched.

* Use coconut oil: This apparently is a holy grail product for lips as it acts as a good nourishing moisturizer and heals those unsightly cracks pretty fast. For a deep hydrating result, we recommend butter-stick lip treatment, which has both coconut oil and lemon butter. Butter-stick also comes with SPF.

* The thin skin of your lips loses moisture rapidly, especially in the winter. So make sure you apply a generous amount of lip balm as often as possible. Argan oil is your lips’ next best friend. Use lipsticks with argan oil or shea butter for plump and rosy lips.

* Our lips are not protected by hair or sebaceous glands (oil glands), so they tend to chap easily. For the same reason, a weekly exfoliation is a must. Lip scrub works great to gently exfoliate dry lips. For a homemade lip scrub, mix brown sugar and honey and gently scrub lips until the sugar crystals melt. Wash and pat dry.

* If you're a matte enthusiast, and your lips begin to feel dry as soon as you apply the same, always keep a gloss handy. Start your makeup routine by moisturizing your lips for which you can use the good old Vaseline. Keep it on for a minute, blot the excess and go ahead with the lipstick application.

PS: Did you know that your lips get thinner by age? This happens because as you get older, the body produces less collagen and lips lose their natural plumpness.

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