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Last Updated Monday May 21 2018 12:34 PM IST

21 handbag essentials a woman should always carry

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Handbag Photo: Getty Images

There's a certain mystery that surrounds a woman's handbag and its content. And trust us when we say this: if you dug around your sister’s favorite leather tote, you'd probably discover a few things that you never knew about her (a weird obsession for broken nails, perhaps). While a bag and its content vary from one person to another, there are a few handbag essentials every woman should always carry. Onmanorama Women lists that out for you.

1. Wallet/Cash

Wallet Photo: Getty Images

Okay, that doesn’t mean you have to carry around wads of cash, the emphasis is definitely on paper money, not plastic.

2. Phone and charger

Phone Photo: Getty Images

Well, this one needs no explanation. Cellphones have become such a major part of our lives that it’s impossible to even imagine a life without it.

3. Power-bank

Power bank Photo: Getty Images

If you don’t have it already, buy one. Power banks will come to your rescue in case of emergencies (yes, they happen to the best of us!).

4. Headphones

Headphones Photo: Getty Images

We all have those days when we feel like not waking up or showing up at work. Your headphones are for such days. A quick jam session on your way to work will definitely energize you and get you ready to take on the day.

5. Hand sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer Photo: Getty Images

Having a hand sanitizer in your bag doesn’t mean you’re a neatness freak, it just means you value good hygiene.

6. Wet wipes

Wet wipes Photo: Getty Images

Keep both dry and wet face tissues handy to feel fresh on those hot and sunny days. And you know you don’t want to be without one of these if you feel a sneeze coming on.

7. Notepad and pen

Notepad Photo: Getty Images

Guess what, the best employees are always ready to take on any task at a moment’s notice. Being able to pull out a notepad and pen will not only show your boss that you are on top of things, but it will guarantee that you get the job done correctly.

8. Safety pins

Safety pins Photo: Getty Images

Wardrobe malfunction and clothing catastrophes can happen to anyone. So, keeping a few safety pins with you can definitely save your blushes when you pop a button or seam.

9. Pepper spray

Pepper spray Photo: Getty Images

Let’s face it ladies, the day and age in which we live warrant us to carry some form of protection, and pepper spray very much fits the bill as it’s very effective in stopping bad guys in their tracks.

10. Lip balm

Lip balm Photo: Getty Images

Chapped lips can make your overall appearance look untidy. So make sure you have this ‘baby’ with you all the time. Your lips will thank you for it!

11. Band-aid

Band aid Photo: Getty Images

Not just for cuts and scrapes, band-aids will save your heels from painful shoe bites. You can also use them to hide a nail with chipped polish.

12. A small bottle of water

Water bottle Photo: Getty Images

Although it can make your bag a bit heavy and burdensome, carrying a small water bottle will help you stay hydrated while traveling.

13. Sanitary pads/ tampons

Sanitary pads and tampons Photo: Getty Images

Keep one or two tampons/pads in your bag's hideaway. Not only would these be helpful in an emergency, you can also be a 'period fairy' to someone else.

14. A hairband and comb

Comb Photo: Getty Images

These come to your rescue when you just want to keep your hair off your face. And we all know the struggle that comes along with not having a hairband when you desperately need one. Always keep a few extra in your purse. You’ll be super glad you did next time you’re looking for one!

16. Medicines

Medicines Photo: Getty Images

Always carry some essential medicines like Dart for a headache, Ondem to stop vomiting, Dolo 650 for fever, etc., in your bag.

17. Healthy snacks

Healthy Snacks Photo: Getty Images

No matter what you call it, we’ve all experienced it: an overwhelming irritability that takes over when we’ve gone too long without food. So, always keep some healthy snacks in your bag.

18. Mouth fresheners

Mouth freshner Photo: Getty Images

Bad breath is a turnoff in any situation. So, be wise and keep some mints or gum in your purse.

19. Perfume

Perfume Photo: Getty Images

Why smell good when you can smell great? So, having a little perfume in your bag to help keep you smelling good and fresh at all times of the day is essential. Also, don’t forget to treat your bag to a few spritzes so that your bag keeps smelling great just like you

20. An umbrella

Umbrella Photo: Getty Images

Getting wet in the rain looks pretty cute in movies, but it’s not so amusing in real life. Hence, an umbrella should always be your perfect companion. And you know how likely are the rains when you have a good hair day.

21. Identification

Passport Photo: Getty Images

You must always have some form of identification on you for a host of reasons. So, always ensure that you keep a photocopy of your Aadhar card or passport in your bag.   

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