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Last Updated Wednesday August 15 2018 04:25 PM IST

Here's how to keep a woman stress-free

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Here's how to keep a woman stress-free Here are a few tips to help women ease up on their stress and work-related tensions.

What's it that stresses up moms these days? Quite a list, in fact. Household chores, workplace stress, raising kids and teaching them can wreak havoc on a woman’s mental and physical well-being. For a carefree home atmosphere and to maintain a balanced lifestyle, it’s vital that the woman of the house be tension-free.

Here are a few tips to help women ease up on their stress and work-related tensions:

• Discipline at home is a key factor in promoting a sense of ease. But the discipline should be tinctured with love. When love-charged discipline becomes a way of life, women can kiss goodbye to stress.

• Making out a list of priorities will work wonders. First things first should be the rule.

• The cardinal rule is to be disciplined yourself. Homes where women are disciplined enjoy a sense of calm. If the woman is disciplined, she can pass the trait on to the kids.

• If you are all wired up, pause for a moment instead of letting out too much steam and getting worked up.

• Set aside a wee bit of personal time every day to read your favourite book, try out a new pudding, or watch your personal show on television.

• Chat up your mother or anyone else you feel close to, every day. That will ease up a lot of your worries.

• Share your household chores with your husband and kids.

• Eat well, eat healthy and dress well. Your looks do matter. Try out new styles and fresh haircuts. All these will pep you up.

• Never postpone what you need to do for yourself or for the kids. Squeeze in some time to do all that needs to be addressed. The kids should never get the impression that you are indifferent to their wants.

• Grab every single minute that you have to be with the family. It’s quality time that matters, not the number of uninspired hours you spend with your husband and children

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