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Last Updated Sunday May 27 2018 01:07 PM IST

Here's how coconut water helped Niriksha shed 15 kg

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Jothisha-mar1,17.indd, Here's how coconut water helped Niriksha shed 15 kg When Niriksha gained weight, she didn't fret or take tension, instead focused on a self styled diet to pull her through.

“How much weight have you put on after marriage?” Most newly weds would have heard such comments at some point. Once the countless dinner invites from family post marriage subside, the bride and groom are sure to put on some weight.

It was once people started calling her fat following marriage that 25-year-old Niriksha Pandey started looking at her weight gained differently. She didn't fret or take tension, instead focusing on a self styled diet to pull her through.

Niriksha, who is slim by nature, had reached 69.5 kg, wearing XXL clothes, when she realized she had to change her lifestyle. Nirisha had also noticed that her energy levels were low. Her husband's mother and sisters had started taunting her for being fat, likening her to an elephant, but she used this to motivate her drive to reduce weight.

She started going out for a three kilometer walk early in the morning, following that with a 30 minute cycling routine and a 15 minute yoga session.

Nirisha's magic diet

Early morning – One glass hot water with lemon zest. Stopped taking tea or coffee.

Breakfast – One cup makhana and an apple.

Lunch – One chapathi, one cup dal, one portion boiled vegetables.

5 badams and 5 pista as snacks in case she needs them.

Dinner - 100ml coconut water.

Anyway, her drive to get back in shape certainly worked out for Niriksha who dropped 15 kilos in three and a half months. She completely avoided junk food and ate only at home. She says that health concerns caused by having an unhealthy lifestyle was more a drive to put in the hard work rather than people calling her fat. Nirisha says that it is important she stays in shape now, having put all this effort in.

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