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Last Updated Tuesday June 25 2019 12:37 PM IST

6 fitness resolutions to be a healthier, happier person

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6 fitness resolutions to be a healthier, happier person It's important for people to have a balanced lifestyle- neither too sedentary nor too stressful.

A few basic lifestyle changes can bring a long-lasting desired difference for a healthier and happier you, suggest experts.

Saumya Satakshi, senior wellness consultant, Healthians, shared the following tips:

1. Eat a rainbow everyday: Opt for colors. Make sure you eat your greens, reds, whites, purples, and oranges because these colored fruits and vegetables contain key chemicals. These help us to fight off diseases and strengthen the immune system and keep us in good shape.

2. Go vegetarian once a week: Going vegetarian for one day a week for dietary or religious reasons is a small change in the diet that can improve your health. This extra fiber will improve bowel function and contribute to the nutritional value of your diet.

3. Limit alcohol and smoking consumption: Limit your levels of indulgence. The combination of alcohol and smoking not only affects liver and lungs, as well as increases cholesterol levels; it also has a negative impact on memory.

Asha Bhatnagar, co-Founder, Lifeline Laboratory, says it's important for people to have a balanced lifestyle -- neither too sedentary nor too stressful.

4. Physical health and weight management: It is important to have routine preventive health check-ups done so that one can predict the problems in health and can manage them and prevent them. Weight management seems to be the center of good health. Maintaining normal weight not only reduces heart disease, but also prevents certain cancers like breast cancer and endometrial cancer.

5. Keep abreast with social activities but don't overdo: Meeting people socially is an extremely important human behavior and one must always enjoy being a part of the society. However, it is best to avoid late nights as this can affect both the mental and the physical health

6. Balance, balance, balance: Live a balanced life. Practice this philosophy of balance in everything – in what your daily routine is, what you eat, who you meet, what is your activity level, how much you sleep and how much you eat.

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