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Last Updated Wednesday April 25 2018 06:17 AM IST

From flab to fit: 8 dance workouts to burn calories

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Dance Photo: Getty images

When it comes to burning calories away, there’s no better fix than dance. It’s interesting to note that someone weighing 60 kg can burn up to 200 to 300 calories on a good spin. Up to 300 calories are burnt while running, 240 each while swimming and cycling. It goes without saying that you can kiss goodbye to your flab on a regular routine of dancing. The official calorie count burnt may vary with each dance form, the number of steps you take and the physical exertion that goes into each style of dance. The Zumba is by far the best calorie-burner. Aerobic dancing can burn up to 200 calories. Here are a few popular figure-spinners, if taken seriously, can turn flab into fit.

1. Salsa

Salsa Photo: Getty Images

The Salsa is a mix of African, Caribbean and Latin styles. Though performed in pairs, it’s not uncommon to go solo. Every move is made to the accompaniment of a particular rhythm.

2. Belly dance

Belly dance Photo: Getty Images

This is one style which needs expertise and grace. Since the dance form is heavily dependent on the movement of one’s rear, the West chose to call it belly dance. Watch it closely and you can see a beautiful synchronization of all parts of the body.

3. Bollywood dance

Blooywood dance Photo: Getty Images

Along with classical dance steps involving the feet and mudras with one’s hands, the movements involved in this dance form can be incorporated into Western forms like hip-hop, jazz and other fast-moving styles.

4. Aerobic dance

Aerobic dance Photo: Getty Images

It’s a quick and easy way to shed those unwanted kilos in the shortest possible time.

5. Flamenco

Flamenco Photo: Getty Images

This Andulasian dance form involves quick foot movement along with clapping of hands. The style took shape in Spain and had its origins in the nomadic Gypsy tribes.

6. Modern Jazz

Jazz Photo: Getty Images

Fast foot movement, sudden twists and turns, jumps and high voltage action are what mark modern jazz from other dance forms. With its origins from jazz music, this dance was and still is one of the most popular dancing styles in US bar rooms.

7. Tap dance

Tap dance Photo: Getty Images

The only music a tap dancer dances to is to the sound of the tap-tap of the feet. To bring out that tapping sound, metal soles are fixed on to the heels of the dancer’s shoes. Tap dancing has its roots in African and Ireland. It’s a visual treat to watch dancers going tip-top-tap with their metal-heeled shoes.

8. Zumba


This is a fitness dance form with its origins in Latin American styles. The movements are fast with the performers enjoying every move.

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