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Last Updated Wednesday April 25 2018 05:50 PM IST

Shed those extra vacation pounds with these 5 tips

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If you've overindulged on delicious food on vacation, you don't need to worry. Good can easily recover.

There are certain ways for your post vacation diet that can help your body recover after gaining weight on vacation.

1. Get back to normal food habits: Start fresh on your diets and any weight that you gained while on vacation will slowly go off. Try not to have any fattening foods. It's better to make meals at home and eat out as little as possible.


2. Drink water: Drinking water at regular intervals helps in better digestion and also keeps the body hydrated. This leads to better metabolism and subsequent weight loss.


3. Stretch your body whenever possible: It is like tuning up your body. Spend five minutes every once in a while to do stretching as it lengthens your muscles and improves overall flexibility. It makes you more agile and improves body posture that is often spoilt by our constant slouching or sitting. Yoga stretch postures work the best.


4. Snack healthy and have green tea: A fistful of muesli or a mix of nuts is a good snacking option that keeps you full for long. Switch to green tea as it has proven to improve metabolism and helps in maintaining body weight. It keeps you alert during lazy afternoons when sugar levels tend to drop.

Green tea

5. Sleep well: Less than six hours of sleep can lead to belly fat and stress. Ensure you sleep at around 11 pm. This way, your body gets the best, restful sleep and you get up early feeling fresh. It also regulates your body metabolism.


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