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Last Updated Wednesday March 21 2018 02:22 PM IST

Things every new mom should know about postpartum perineal care

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Things every new mom should know about postpartum perineal care

So you knew labor and delivery weren’t gonna be a cakewalk. Heck, you religiously spent 37 weeks worrying about it. But here’s something you may have overlooked: the discomfort and down-there miseries that come afterward.

Sorry to break it to you if you are a brand new mom: pain in your privates can linger for days or weeks afterward.

Here, Onmanorama Women has got 10 doctor-approved tips to make the healing process faster.

1. Choose products that are enriched with natural ingredients like tea tree oil and pongamia oil. Tea tree oil and pongamia oil are effective in preventing itching and irritation in the intimate area. Pongamia oil is beneficial in maintaining healthy vaginal flora, and has antibacterial properties.

2. For convenient personal hygiene, use natural intimate wipes enriched with lavender oil. Lavender oil soothes and helps eliminate odor while maintaining freshness.

3. Mothers who work or travel regularly can use natural intimate wipes for convenient personal hygiene.

4. Wash your intimate area twice a day with lukewarm water, but not more than twice.

5. To dry your vaginal area, use a soft, clean towel. Ensure that the towels are 100 percent cotton and dry.

6. Avoid using harsh soaps to clean your vagina.

7. A healthy vagina is naturally acidic and contains high quantities of beneficial bacteria, which help fend off infections and maintain a normal pH level. Choose natural intimate wash, specially made for moms, that is enriched with lactic acid to maintain and restore normal vaginal pH levels.

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