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Last Updated Sunday May 27 2018 05:22 PM IST

How yoga changed the life of this marketing executive

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How yoga changed the life of this marketing executive

When Sudakshana Thambi left her job in Mumbai to pursue something that she loved, she knew she was entering into a life of uncertainty. But she stood by Mark Twain’s famous words: "The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why."

Sudakshana began her career with Tata Capital in Mumbai as brand manager to their newly opened head office. She was promoted to senior brand manager in no time but began to realize that bound by the drear of the corporate job, life was becoming a dull affair. The same commute to the office every day and meetings by the hour were taking a toll. "I couldn't picture myself getting old in that job. I was sure I would regret in the long run".

She left the job for her hometown Kochi. She tried her hand at magazine jobs, sales fashion coordination and worked in a travel channel. But her heart was not in any of it.

In many ways, Sudakshana's life is a classic example of 'you search everywhere for what lies in front of you'. All through the roller coaster journey, yoga was her constant companion. At Kochi, she began reading and methodically practicing yoga sutra. Her love for yoga grew and before long she could see it as a career. She started the program 'Instant Yogi'.

Yoga for Sudakshana is a practical tool to tackle with life's problems with a calm mind. She defines instant yogi as a program that "instantly brings the negative emotions under control". Many complain about the lack of time or space. Sudakshana's sessions are bound by either. It is curated in such a way to suit the busy life, with mental tasks that can be practiced in the confines of office space.

What makes Sudakshana most happy is the positivity and compassion that yoga has brought into her life, the oneness that she feels with her fellow beings. She has become an ardent animal activist as she cannot bear cruelty to animals anymore. Earlier, these things never registered on her, she says. She is grateful to yoga for teaching that true happiness is in helping another life.

She considers this lesson more valuable than all the money in the world. The key is to let go of that which is not in your control, she says. "I try to be happy every day, it’s a challenge. Nonetheless, I stick to it and repeat the mantra: I have no regrets about the past, I am not anxious about my future and I just live in the present and I am happy. So far, it has worked for me."

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