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Last Updated Monday May 21 2018 12:52 PM IST

Everyone who prefers sons over daughters should read this

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Pooja Bijarnia Pooja Bijarnia and father. Photo: Dr. Rachit Bhushan Shrivastva/FB

Antony’s parents knew what exactly they wanted from their son’s wife Sibyl: “give birth to descendants.” Yet, when their first grandchild was born, the old parents refused to pay their daughter-in-law a visit to the hospital. Because the baby was a girl.

And when they finally obliged to go to their daughter-in-law’s house to see the kid, "they didn't even bother to touch her once. I was really angry.”

"People would ask them, 'How come you haven't brought your granddaughter to the church? And one of them would casually say', 'If it were a boy, we would have done that and more',” says Sibyl.

Perhaps Sibyl’s anger is more surprising that her in-laws’ disdain for the girl child. Because India’s preference for sons dates back to centuries.

Although the names mentioned above are fictional, the story is sadly based on true events that happen in our country on a daily basis: sex-selective abortion (although it’s illegal), favoritism toward sons, abandonment of baby girls, you name it.

Perhaps for the same reason, we see a campaign to save or educate the girl child every once in a while. While none of these campaigns are claiming victory quite yet, there’s definitely a spike in the ‘daughters are better’ posts that are shared on the social media.

Pooja Bijarnia

A few days ago, a Ranchi-based doctor shared one such post, which is now going viral on the Internet. On his Facebook page, the doctor shared a heart-warming story of a daughter who saved her dad’s life by being a liver donor. According to Dr. Rachit Bhushan Shrivastva, Pooja Bijarnia is an answer to all those who think daughters are useless.

Read Bhushan’s full post here.

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