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Last Updated Thursday May 24 2018 07:24 AM IST

Essential Krav Maga moves every woman must know | Video

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Essential Krav Maga moves every woman must know Learning self-defense is a wise thing to do for young girls and women as it helps you stay safe and boost your confidence.

Safety of women is more a theory than practice in the country. Cases of violence against women are on the rise and many are scared to walk the streets alone. In spite of the threats, women are not taking to self-defense techniques and martial arts in a big way. Learning self-defense is a wise thing to do for young girls and women as it helps you stay safe and boost your confidence.

To cope with real-world situations, the self-defense technique, Krav Maga, will help you make quick moves that can be executed with deadly efficiency. Developed for the Israeli military, Krav Maga combines moves picked up from various martial arts and self-defense techniques such as boxing, Muay Thai, Judo, and Jujitsu, among others.

Strike at your attacker’s vulnerable points such as the eyes and the groin, and then escape. This military technique is slowly becoming popular with women as a self-defense technique.

Watch the videos here. Perhaps, these will inspire you become a Krav Maga student too.

1. The assailant blocks the girl – she catches hold of his arm, kicks him hard on the groin and runs away.

2. The assailant tries to hold her but is kneed on the groin, and the girl is far away by the time he recovers.

3. Another option is to jab your fingers into his eyes, force him away hard and escape.

4. The two assailants try to drag the girl to their scooter, but she bites one hard, punches the other and makes good her escape while he and his scooter falls to the ground.

These are real-life techniques taught to Krav Maga students to escape from sudden, dangerous situations.

By the way, let's not be under any illusion: these techniques can only go so far – things will not change unless we as a society force the authorities to adopt a zero-tolerance policy toward those who attack women. And that involves even those who try to justify those attacks by invoking social mores from the dark ages of humankind's past. If India needs to progress, it can do so only by giving respect – and safety – to its women.

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