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Last Updated Thursday May 24 2018 07:23 AM IST

6 simple self-defense moves every woman should master

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Self defense Photo: Getty Images

In a perfect world, women don’t get raped or assaulted. Sadly, our country is a far cry from that world and it’s high time women mastered some self-defense techniques to stop bad guys in their tracks.

Here, Onmanorama Women lists out a few easy targets by American self-defense expert Tim Larkin to stun, disorient and incapacitate your attacker.

Eyes: Attack with a fingertip poke, claw or by grabbing the sides of the attacker’s head and pushing in the eye sockets with your thumbs. This can cause great pain and temporary blindness.

Nose: Attack with a palm, fist or hammer fist. Alternatively, fingers can be inserted in the nostrils to force the attacker to pull away because of heavy bleeding, eye-watering, difficulty in breathing and intense pain.

Ears: Attack with a cupping slap over the ear opening. Striking the ears in this manner causes pain, balance problems and can possibly rupture the eardrum. The outer ear can also be grabbed and twisted causing pain and severe bleeding.

Throat: Attack this area with a punch, chop, web of thumb or an elbow. Striking this area can cause breathing difficulty and possibly severe damage to the windpipe.

Groin: Attack with a rear hammer fist, slap, knee or top of the foot. Striking this area can cause severe pain, nausea, and disorientation.

Feet: Attack with a foot stomp. Striking this area can cause great pain and breaking the small bones of the foot will limit the attacker’s ability to use the foot.With the exception a few of these targets, these areas do not rely on pain compliance alone. This means that when attacked properly, these targets will yield the desired results even if your attacker has diminished pain reception due to alcohol or drugs.

Better safe than sorry

However, don’t let your guard down just because you know a few self-defense moves.

Be aware, be assured

If you are traveling alone, avoid being distracted and pay attention to your surroundings. Scan the areas that may look deserted but could be harboring predators, such as parking lots. Make a brief eye contact with passersby to show you’re mindful of their presence.

Listen to that little voice

If you feel something is wrong somewhere, chances are you’re probably right. Or if someone gives off a creepy vibe, it’s likely that your gut is telling you to get out of there.

Be ready to fight back

Switch all your bags to one arm so the other is free to fight back, if necessary. Also, make sure that you don’t unlock your car until you’re just two steps away from it.

Change unsafe habits

Do you really want to have an ice-cream in the midnight or take a shortcut through a deserted area? Isn’t better to be safe than sorry. Be anything but a target.

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