Why you are not losing weight despite hitting the gym hard

It's when our favorite jeans or kurta no longer fit that most of us realize the importance of keeping a watch on our body weight. With the hope of a physical activity helping to cut those extra kilos, most of us join gym, yoga, or zumba programs. But if you notice that your workout routines or balanced diet are not helping to achieve your goal, then the real reason could be hiding somewhere else. Here's checklist:

Sound sleep

Adequate amount of sleep is as important as intake of nutritious food. Sleep deprivation may affect the overall health and well being of a person. Sleeplessness increases the appetite thereby elevating cravings for food. Sufficient amount of calories won’t be burned easily from a person’s body if he finds difficulty in grabbing some shut eye. 7 – 8 hours of sound sleep is essential for the mental and physical well being of human beings. If you experience insomnia or bouts of sleeplessness, do not hesitate to consult a doctor or a sleep specialist.

Too much nutrients

Daily dose of essential nutrients in your diet helps you to stay fit and healthy. However, excessive intake of nutritious food will only help add some extra kilos. Eating a balanced diet with the right amount of exercise ensures good health and keeps you energetic to take on the challenges of the day.


Cutting down on carbohydrate intake helps reduce weight, especially for Type 2 diabetic patients. Food with less carbohydrate content will keep a check on your appetite.


A stressed and anxious mind is the most notorious villain which may lead to weight gain. Studies prove that fat gets deposited in the body way too easily when there is an increased production of Cortisol, a stress hormone.

Medical conditions

Some people even realize that they may be suffering from a few medical conditions, only when they don’t see a drop in their body weight despite grilling themselves in the gym. Sleep apnea, Hypothyrodism or PCOS, which is usually seen in women, are the most common medical conditions due to which the person may find it impossible to shed body weight.

Don’t stop eating

It is quite fashionable to give up eating just to shed weight. But experts say that this is an unhealthy trend that may drastically affect the overall well being of the person. Giving up food may result in the rapid drop of your body weight but this practice completely destroys the metabolic functioning of your body. So say yes to healthy eating habits and a big ‘no’ to rejecting food.

Be patient

You won’t see a drop in your body weight immediately after you have begun dieting or exercising. It takes some time before you actually notice that there is a difference. Body weight will go down gradually and in a healthy way only if you follow a proper diet and exercise regime.

No to snacks

Snacking in between workouts to ease your hunger pangs won’t help your weight lose plans. Eating snacks will only bring back all those calories that you have just burned on a tread mill. If you feel hungry in between meals, replace your calorie packed snacks with fruit juices, plain drinking water or low fat mid meals which are light.

Protein is good

Having a generous amount of protein in your daily diet will definitely help you to shed kilos. Protein rich breakfast ensures a good start for an energetic day. Including food that is rich in protein in your daily menu will reduce your hunger pangs and keep you away from all those calorie rich mid snacks.

Keep a diet diary

Knowing the amount of your daily calorie intake is very important if you are sticking to a diet plan. Maintain a diet diary where you can note down the food items eaten and its equaling calories. Having a record of your daily calorie intake may help you in your weight loss strategy.

Eating right will keep you fit but nutritious food alone would not help you get back into your desirable shape. A healthy and fit body can only be maintained with a calm and peaceful mind. So the ‘big’ secret for shedding weight easily is to keep tension away and smile.