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Last Updated Thursday April 19 2018 12:16 PM IST

Ottamooli (single ingredient) treatment

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krishna-thulasi-new Krishna Thulasi or Basil

Introducing some medicinal plants that are mandatory for the courtyards of all homes. These herbal medicines which have no side effects whatsoever and give instant results. The treatment will liberate your family from diseases.

Mukkutti (biophytum) – for pain and for poison

Mukkutti along with its roots if ground dry and applied on the wound as well as tied without causing any wetness to it will heal the wounds within three days.

► Mukkutti leaves ground and taken mixed in buttermilk will stem diarrhoea.

► When stung by a hornet, apply mukkutti ground and mixed with butter.

► Mukkutti along with its roots if ground and applied on the forehead will remove headache.

► Mukkutti and thippali in equal measures and ground in breast milk when fed to babies will stop fever and diarrhoea.

Krishna thulasi (basil) – a face pack to remove pimples.

► Basil leaf juice when regularly applied on the face removes pimples and warts.

► Basil and lemon juice applied in equal measure on the face improves the radiance of the face.

► Basil root ground well and applied on the forehead will remove headache.

► Have rice gruel made of basil leaf and cumin to bring down fever.

► Worm menace in children can be removed by giving them ground basil root in lightly warm water.

► Sprinkle basil leaves on the bed to ward off mosquitoes and eggs.

► Regularly sleeping with hair untied and resting on a towel on the pillow sprinkled with basil leaf will help reduce the menace of dandruff.

► When bitten by a spider have turmeric mixed in basil juice and also apply the same externally.

Sathavari (Indian asparagus) for excess white discharge

► Ramacham (vetiver) ground and mixed in the juice of sathavari root will bring down the burning sensation in hands and legs due to rheumatism.

► 60 grams sathavari root, skin and fiber removed, crushed and boiled in cow’s milk, further added to milk and sugar can be taken by women to halt excess white discharge.

► Juice of sathavari root when taken mixed with milk will heal urinary infections. It will regulate the blood and bile and cool down the body.

Panikoorka (Indian borage) – instant relief for fever in children

► Heating up panikoorka leaf and dripping on the scalp will help remove children’s cold and fever.

► Mix basil leaf juice in panikoorka leaf juice and have it with honey to get relief from cold, cough and fever.

► To reduce the heat from fever and cool the body, bathe in water boiled by adding panikoorka leaves.

Turmeric – detoxifier in your front yard


► When bitten by poisonous creatures, apply turmeric paste on that part.

► For centipede poison apply a mixture of basil leaf and turmeric paste.

► For swelling on children’s bodies caused by the bite of small insects apply a paste of raw turmeric and Krishna thulasi leaf.

► Dried and ground turmeric mixed in milk when taken daily will increase resistance power. It will ward off colds.

► Hangnails can be treated by applying a mixture of ground raw turmeric and henna.

► To remove excessive sweating, bathe after applying ground turmeric all over the body.

► Apply gram flour and turmeric all over the body and bathe after half an hour to improve skin complexion.

► Taking one spoon raw turmeric juice with honey daily morning will keep away all allergies.

Poovamkurunnila (little ironweed) - cure for conjunctivitis

► Crushing the juice out of poovamkurunnila and applying to the eyes will reduce red eye. The leaf can be rinsed in slightly warm water to prevent infection and used after drying.

► Have poovamkurunnila juice with equal measure honey added in it to cure fever and throat pain.

► Dip a white cotton cloth in the juice obtained from crushing poovamkurunnila. Dry it and burn it to obtain a carbon that can be mixed in oil and used for eye lining.

Adalodakam (Malabar nut) – better for curing cough than cough syrup

► Have juice obtained from crushed adalodakam leaf juice mixed with 24 g honey for cough relief.

► This is good remedy for asthma as well.

► Having goat milk boiled by adding crushed adalodakam leaf juice helps provide relief from asthma.

► Have dried and ground adalodakam leaf mixed with white rock sugar and cumin for cough relief.

► Have 15 ml adalodakam leaf juice added with 15 g jaggery two times to regulate excessive periods.

► Have adalodakamleaf juice added with black pepper powder to clear the throat.

Muyalcheviyan (tassel flower)

► The juice of muyalcheviyan leaf with a dash of salt when applied externally on the throat will cure tonsillitis.

► Having a decoction of boiled muyalcheviyan leaf will bring down fever.

► Taking muyalcheviyan along with root crushed in buttermilk is a remedy for blood ulcer.

Brahmi (bacopa) – medicine for memory and intelligence

► Feeding children 10 ml brahmi juice with equal measure butter or ghee every morning helps to boost their memory and intelligence.

Brahmi along with root ground and taken in milk is effective for treating depression.

Brahmi along with root can be used to heal stomach ailments, improve voice and better bowel movements.

► Obesity can be controlled by taking the juice of crushed Brahmi mixed with honey.

Vayampu (sweet flag) – for indigestion in children

► A little vayampu can be ground and mixed in breast milk and fed to children as a remedy for their indigestion and vomiting.

► Taking ground vayampu root mixed with cow’s ghee will help retain youth.

► It is good to give vayampu mixed with honey to little children.

► If bitten by a cat, wring out some of the blood from the bitten area and apply a paste of vayampu and dried ginger.

Thazhuthama (Boerhavia diffusa) – to control blood pressure

► Regularly having thoran dish made out of thazhuthama helps control blood pressure. It also removes anaemia.

► To bring down high blood pressure, rinse and clean 10 grams thazhuthama root, grind well and take in slightly warm water for a few days.

► Have jackfruit leaf and cumin ground in juice of crushed thazhuthama and heated in ghee to ward off gas trouble.

► Have a decoction of thazhuthama to eliminate kidney stone.

Kayyonni (Eclipta Alba) – herbal hair tonic

Kayyonni if regularly used as hair oil will lend coolness to the eye and head. It will remove dandruff and ward off premature graying.

► Hair loss will be stemmed and hair will grow aplenty. Kayyonni juice can be boiled in gingely oil and applied regularly on the hair.

► Take minced liver of goat in an iron heating pan and pour kayyoni juice over it such as to cover it. Keep on heat. Stir and remove water without allowing to burn. Fry this well in sesame oil. Grind and give a teaspoon each to children in the morning and evening. They will develop body muscle and disease resistance power.

Muringa (drumstick) – to control cholesterol

► Diabetic patients should include muringa leaves as a curry in their diet daily. It will help control diabetes.

► Crushed muringa leaves when taken with kumbalanga juice will help reduce asthma.

► To avoid blood clots and reduce cholesterol level, it is good to have muringa leaves and sticks daily. This is excellent for the health of eyes as well.

► Steam bath using water boiled with the skin of muringa will help reduce swelling. The paste of muringa leaf juice and salt ground together will reduce the swelling and pain of joints.

Muringa stain will heal wounds.

► Heart diseases can be prevented by taking muringa leaf juice regularly.

Information courtesy:

Dr. K.S. Rajithan, Medical Superintendent, Oushadi, Thrissur

Dr. Gracy Mathew, Associate Professor, Agronomy, AMPRS, Odakkali

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