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Last Updated Monday April 23 2018 03:49 AM IST

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The real world where we don't belong

Gadgets and inventions that have made our life so easy and have brought us closer together have also made us far apart, shut us off from the real world around us, and made us live in a virtual world.

Technology – a boon or bane?

While all the above technological achievements deserve accolades and reflect on our scientific capabilities, we forget the loss of human touch.

'Jesus Christ Superstar' reloaded

Kottayam: After two decades and a half, the controversial Rock opera 'Jesus Christ Superstar', which was stifled at birth by a prohibition order in 1990, was staged at Pallikoodam School in Kottayam, before a packed audience.The then district...

Cars with a unique 'fit'

Kottayam: Despite being bound to a wheelchair for over 17 years, Biju Varghese has modified more than 1000 cars to suit the needs of persons with disabled lower limbs.Biju holds the patent for a retrofitted car, a customised automobile that has a...

Migrant workers send home 4 per cent of Kerala's GDP

Kottayam: A report commissioned by the state government has found that the annual remittances being sent home by migrant workers in Kerala is about Rs 17,500 crore, which is equivalent to 4 per cent of Kerala's gross domestic product.It is estimated...

Aarushi Talwar- Book, movie, life

It was described as the murder (or murders) that shook the psyche of the Indian middle-class. Seven years on, two years after the conviction, the Aarushi Talwar- Hemraj murders (known infamously as the Noida double-murder) is back in the limelight...

Off the Patch

Have you seen the electronic toilets in Japan? These toilets magically lift its lids by merely pressing a button and congenially warms its seats upon our arrival. Thet also have the solicitous electronic bidets with its controls, ranging from...

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