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Last Updated Thursday January 24 2019 09:04 AM IST

Detonating the vaulting Kim-Trump signature graph

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When US president Donald Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un signs a historic agreement, what should possibly hog the limelight? As it turns out, it’s the ups and downs of the two leaders’ signatures that have made the cut. Social media sites have been working overtime reading between the spartan upward jottings of Kim and the sharp and pointy flourishes of Trump. Both signatures reveal ambition, say handwriting experts.

What Kim’s Signature Says

Kim’s Jong Un’s signature is based on the Korean alphabet system. Characterised by an unapologetic upward slant, graphologists say it speaks of a person who has big dreams and ambitions. The spaced-out letters are indicative of his creative and intuitive nature.

What Kim's signature says Kim Jong Un's signature is based on the Korean alphabet system.

However, the style also indicates that its owner doesn’t like others to intervene when it comes to taking decisions. People who belong in this category can surmount any obstacle to get their way and will not be tolerant towards differences of opinion. These stubborn personality traits may have shaped the North Korean leader’s tyrannical image, say graphologists.

What Trump’s Signature Says

President Donald Trump’s densely-packed signature points to a quick tempered, highly critical, attention-seeking but guarded personality. Handwriting experts who have enthusiastically scrutinised the US President’s signature penned on the document said that it looked ‘like little rockets being launched”.

What Trump's signature says President Donald Trump’s densely-packed signature points to a quick tempered, highly critical, attention-seeking but guarded personality.

The angular formations show that he thinks of himself as very important, and is highly critical of others. It shows fear and tension under the façade of the outward personality.

The closed loops in the signature are interpreted as signs of high libido and aggressive behavior to the opposite sex. The upward slanting underline indicates a sense of self importance. This is further emphasized in the pressure of the pen on the paper, showing that he is dominating and constantly seeking to be in the limelight.

Signature plays turncoat for Trump

The body language of the two controversial leaders also came under fire, with analysts slamming Trump for projecting authority and alpha-male attitude.

Going by the analysis overdrive on social media, Trump’s signature, long handshakes, and shoulder touches that signalled a desire to look in control have all boomeranged, dipping his score way below the North Korean dictator’s.

If he was expecting his words and actions to speak tact and diplomacy, the non-verbal cues have raced ahead to make their own loud assertions. As things stand, Kim Jong Un has somehow managed to appear as an Avenger and Trump, Thanos.

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