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Last Updated Tuesday March 20 2018 11:18 PM IST

Want to save the world from Trump? Just buy Twitter

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Donald Trump #BuyTwitter #BanTrump

Washington: Former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) officer Valerie Plame Wilson has a novel idea to block the "hate" tweets of Donald Trump -- buy Twitter and ban the President.

"There's a real danger that Trump's tweets could actually start a nuclear war. Let's delete his account before that happens," Wilson wrote in GoFundMe page where she is raising funds.

Through a tweet last week, the former CIA agent launched a fundraiser to buy the social media platform: "If Twitter executives won't shut down Trump's violence and hate, then it's up to us. #BuyTwitter #BanTrump”, she said.

Wilson is seeking $1 billion and she has so far been able to raise just $12,000.

White House spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders called Wilson's endeavour "ridiculous" and suggested the shortage of funding for Wilson's idea underscores that Americans are satisfied with the President's Twitter use, TechCrunch reported on Wednesday.

It cannot be guessed if Wilson's campaign is aimed at increasing pressure on Twitter to block Trump or if she really intends to buy the social media platform.

"If we can't get a majority interest, we'll explore options for buying a significant stake in the company and champion this proposal at the annual shareholder meeting," Wilson said.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey believes Trump's tweets that suggested violence toward journalists did not break the rules.

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