Tiny Bytes: Apurvi Chandela, Ice Age sea water, and more


Hi, and welcome to tiny bytes. I am Jyothis, and here are few interesting news for young minds

Gold for Apurvi Chandela's 10 m air rifle

International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF), taking place in Munich, Germany, saw India's Apurvi Chandela's win at the 10 metre Air Rifle, on Sunday. She won a score of 251 in the final, as Wang Luyao of China took the 2nd place. Apurvi took the gold with 10.4, 0.1 more than Wang Luyao's 10.3. This was the 4th ISSF medal in her career and the 2nd ISSF World Cup gold.

Seawater from Ice Age found in Maldives rocks

Besides the Ice Age we know from books and the films, something of the Ice Age has recently been discovered. Researchers from the University of Chicago, have found sea water dating back to the Ice Age, from rock formations in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Exploration of the limestone deposits forming the Maldives led to this discovery. Earlier, they had to recreate the sea water based on things like fossils corals. As per the initial tests, the discovered sea water is saltier than the present day sea water.

Smaller animals may survive the next century

Smaller birds and animals, which can live in a variety of environments, may escape from becoming extinct over the next century. University of Southampton's researchers believe that, these tiny creatures may predominate and predict that there may be a move towards smaller birds and mammals in the coming century.

Rodents like dwarf gerbil and song birds like white-browed sparrow-weaver are some of them. The reason behind this is the adaptable style they have, unlike other mammals and birds which require a special environment to live in. There is said to be a decline of 25% in the body mass of mammals, as their habitats are being destroyed, due to human impact.

Women and first time voters responsible for NDA's victory in Lok Sabha Polls

The 2019 Indian General Elections were in favour of the NDA, as the alliance won 352 seats in the 17th Lok Sabha. Women and first time voters seem to have voted in favour of the BJP led National Democratic Alliance (NDA). As per a survey by IANS, NDA received about 45.1% votes from women, were as only 25.9% of the women preferred the Congress led United Progressive Alliance (UPA). Those who voted for the first time, between the age of 18 and 22, went for NDA and so did those belonging to the age group 23-35. To another 5 years of BJP-NDA government.