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Last Updated Saturday April 21 2018 08:37 PM IST

Chetan Bhagat questions SC ban on firecrackers, high-decibel trolls follow

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Chetan Bhagat Chetan Bhagat. File photo

New Delhi: Popular writer Chetan Bhagat has landed in soup again after he expressed his disagreement with the Supreme Court's order banning the sale of fire crackers in Delhi-NCR till November 1.

The writer is all for regulation and not ban.

In a series of tweets, he said that the tradition of burning fire crackers was essential to the festival of Diwali, and questioned the apex court order. Within no time, Bhagat's Twitter handle was flooded with trolls from many, including writer-politician Shashi Tharoor and politician Shehzad Poonawalla.

"SC bans fireworks on Diwali? A full ban? What's Diwali for children without crackers?," Bhagat tweeted.

He went on to say that banning crackers on Diwali was like banning Christmas trees on Christmas and goats on Bakr-Eid.

"Regulate. Don't ban. Respect traditions," he tweeted.

He also said if crackers were banned to control pollution, the action should be emulated for "goat sacrifice and Muharram bloodshed" during festivals like Eid.

"Can I just ask on cracker ban. Why only guts to do this for Hindu festivals? Banning goat sacrifice and Muharram bloodshed soon too?," Bhagat wrote.

Bhagat's tweets were met with sharp reactions by Twitterati.

Shehzad Poonawalla wrote, "Yes coz when Shri Ram returned to Ayodhya you (& those who read your books) were bursting Chinese made crackers to celebrate the homecoming?"

Bhagat replied, "Be careful in your choice of words. That's all I would say."

Questioning Bhagat's comparison of firecrackers with Christmas tree and mutton, Tharoor said he was wrong. “Your examples of practices integral to those observances; banning them would be like banning lamps on Diwali. Firecrackers are unholy add-ons,” he said in a tweet.

Responding to another series of tweets that noted that Diwali celebrations were not equivalent to bursting crackers, and that it was a festival of lights and "not noise or air pollution", Bhagat said a ban was not the solution.

"So you are going to decide for everyone? Ban whatever doesn't suit your style?

"It is one day of the year. Our biggest festival. Uber has saved pollution more than any ban would. Come up with innovations. Not bans," he wrote.

A bench headed by justice A. K. Sikri said the apex court's September 12 order temporarily lifting the stay and permitting sale of fire crackers would be effective from November 1.

Diwali is on October 19 and the order effectively means that no fire crackers will be available for purchase before the festival.

(With inputs from PTI)

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