Here are numbers to call if you come across profiteering during COVID-19 lockdown


Now, the public too can help authorities to check hoarding of essential commodities and the artificial increase in the price of food grains, other essentials and vegetables.

The Civil Supplies Department had already formed squads to keep track on the functioning of groceries and other stores selling essential items. Since it cannot employ a large groups, given the social distancing protocols in place at the moment, the Civil Supplies Department has published mobile numbers to which members of the public can call if they come across profiteering or hoarding.

Thiruvananthapuram - 9188527315

Kollam - 9188527316

Pathanamthitta - 9188527317

Alappuzha - 9188527318

Kottayam - 9188527319

Idukki - 9188527320

Ernakulam - 9188527321

Thrissur - 9188527322

Palakkad - 9188527323

Malappuram - 9188527324

Kozhikode - 9188527325

Wayanad - 9188527326

Kannur - 9188527327

Kasaragod - 9188527328

Further, to prevent scarcity, Kerala will also provide a minimum of 15kg food grain to 87 lakh ration card holders in the state for free. AAY (Antyodaya Anna Yojana) households will continue to get 30kg rice and 5kg wheat that they are already getting. The priority category (pink card) will get 5kg grain for free for each person which they are now getting at the rate of Rs. 2 per kg. The non-priority category (blue and white cards) will be given 15 kg grain for free per card.

Moreover, the families under observation will be delivered food kit worth Rs 1000 free of cost on the basis of a list drawn up by the Department of Health. The kit will have basic necessities like sugar, pulses, coconut oil, and soap. The disaster relief team will ensure the delivery.