Cheated by Dubai job agent, bereaved on wedding anniversary, this Keralite mom battles giant odds

Cheated by Dubai job agent, bereaved on wedding anniversary, this Keralite mom battles giant odds
Sreejith and Bijimol

Dubai: Bijimol is inconsolable. Her husband has died and the Keralite woman, who is currently in Dubai, could not even see him for one last time due to the travel restrictions amid COVID-19 outbreak.

Bijimol, from Kalamassery in Kerala's Ernakulam district, went to Dubai to provide for her husband, a cancer patient, and three children. Her husband Sreejith, 37, had been on a wheelchair for the past nine months.

Sreejith died on March 24, their wedding anniversary. However, Bijimol could not come home as the flight services have been suspended. Finally, she saw the mortal remains of her husband through a video call.

Sitting at her place of residence at Abu Hail in Dubai, Bijimol is unable to even console her young children.

"One of my relatives is looking after the children. But I do not know for how long they can care for my kids," Bijimol told Manorama Online.

She desperately wants to come home and be with her children. But she does not know when she would be able to fly back amid the Coronavirus scare.

Series of setbacks

Bijimol had reached Dubai in search of a job about three months ago. She left her children, aged 15, 8 and 5, under the care of a relative.

She had given Rs 3 lakh to an agent to get a resident visa in the UAE. Bijimol said that she had borrowed the money on interest to pay the agent.

However, she realised that this was a tourist visa only after reaching the Gulf. She did not get any job either. She said that that a person named as Yatheesh had taken the money from her and cheated her. She had been living with her friends all this while.

Recently, a Keralite had offered to help after coming to know of her plight. He arranged food and accommodation for the woman.

Bijimol desperately wants to find a job. And after which, she wants to go home and meet her children. Despite the many setbacks, Bijimol is determined to fight her way through for the sake of her family.