Is it safe to cook after applying sanitiser? All your queries on coronavirus answered

Is it safe to cook after applying sanitiser? Your concerns during coronavirus lockdown answered

With a spurt in the number of COVID-19 cases, several questions are being raised about the dreaded disease, how the infection spreads and the precautions to be followed.

* Can COVID-19 recur after making a recovery?

There is no scientific evidence that the disease would not recur. Therefore, it is better to follow the precautions.

* Are people, who have completed the quarantine period, vulnerable to the disease?

If they interact with the infected, then they are also at risk of contracting the illness. The safest option is to stay indoors.

* Can babies be taken to the hospital for vaccination?

If the last date for giving vaccination is not in the immediate future, then wait. Else contact the nearest Asha worker, who would guide you on the procedure to be followed.

* Will people be allowed to travel from Bengaluru to Kerala?

No. Keralites in other states would have to remain in their current place of residence. The borders have been closed and no one would be allowed to enter the state.

* Is it safe to undergo treatment at dental hospitals and clinics?

Contact the doctor over the phone and inform about your illness. If it is not an emergency, it is better to postpone the treatment. In case of an emergency, follow the doctor's instructions.

* Is there a risk of burning our hands if we cook after applying sanitiser?

Normally, the sanitiser gets vaporised within seconds of use. Only if you come in contact with fire during this while, there are chances of sustaining burns. More the amount of sanitiser used, the longer it would take to vaporise. Do not keep the sanitiser bottle near your stove.

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