Koodathayi prime suspect Jolly was a spendthrift?

Koodathayi prime suspect Jolly was a spendthrift?
Koodathayi prime suspect Jolly

Even as many wonder what motivated Jolly to carry out the likely premeditated murders, Jolly's brother Noby revealed that she was profligate who pestered her family for money.

Noby said that his family had been giving money to meet the expenses of Jolly and her children after Roy's death.

"She used to often complain of financial crunch and sought money. Our father used to give the money for her children's school fee. However, she sought for more no matter whatever she was given," he said. "We started depositing the money for the children's needs in their bank accounts itself. Jolly used to complain about this. She had taken money even during her last visit home during Onam."

He further said that their father had opposed Jolly's extravagance.

Jolly was jobless though she had claimed she had one with a premier institute in Kozhikode. Her family hails from Kattappana in Idukki district.

Cops buy new clothes for Jolly after brother’s refusal

The police had to buy new clothes for Jolly Joseph, prime accused in the Koodayathi murder case.

When Jolly was taken into custody on October 5, the cops had asked her to take one more pair of clothes. Jolly had to use these two pairs of clothes alternatively at the jail.

Remand prisoners are not given clothes at the prison, as per the norms. Though Jolly had called her brother Noby from the jail, asking him to get her some clothes, he did not comply. One day, Jolly wore the nightdress given by a co-prisoner.

Jolly was taken to the court in the same dress that she had worn on the day of her arrest. Second day, she forgot to take the extra pair of dress.

So before taking Jolly for evidence collection on Friday, the woman civil police officer of the Vatakara police station brought her new clothes as per the instructions of inspector P M Manoj.