Man kills father for refusing to give him Rs 100 to buy liquor

Man kills father for refusing to give him Rs 100 to buy liquor

Changanassery: A 76-year-old man was killed by his son after he refused to give him Rs 100 to buy alcohol.

Thomas Varkey (Kunjappan) of Payyipad, near Changanassery town in Kerala's Kottayam district, was killed on September 17 night. His son Joseph Thomas (Ani, 35) has been arrested by the police.

Varkey was found dead at his house by his relatives on September 18. It was initially believed to be a natural death, and preparations were made to hold the funeral on. However, some people got suspicious and informed the police, who took the body to the Medical College Hospital for postmortem.

The accused confessed to the crime after the police questioned him based on the autopsy report. The court has remanded the accused.

The events that led to murder

Varkey lived with his twin sons Ani and Sibi. His wife Chinnamma stays with their daughter at Ranni in Pathanamthitta. The sons, in their inebriated state, often picked up fight with the old man.

Varkey had withdrawn his pension amount of Rs 1,000 from the bank on September 17 morning. Ani had accompanied Varkey to the bank. Once back at home, Varkey gave Rs 200 each to both sons. Ani, who returned drunk in the night, demanded Rs 100 again. When Varkey refused to comply, Ani started assaulting him.

Sibi, who was also at home during the time, tried to stop Ani. But Ani bit him on the thigh, forcing Sibi to withdraw. He then went off to sleep in another room. However, Ani continued to torment his father and pushed him on to the wall. He then started kicking Varkey and tried to strangle him. After some time, Ani laid down his father on the bed and went off to sleep, the police said.

Ani and Sibi left the home on September 18 morning. Some of their other relatives, who came home by afternoon, they found Varkey lying on the bed motionless. There was none at home during this time. The kin took Varkey to St Rita's Hospital with the help of the neighbours. But his life could not be saved.

When some people turned up at the mortuary to take the body on September 19, they noticed that blood had clotted on the backside of the head. Suspicious, they informed the police, who suo moto took a case and ordered to stop the funeral proceedings. The cops then demanded to conduct an autopsy of the body.

30 wounds on the body

The autopsy revealed 30 wounds on Varkey’s body. Of which, eight were of grievous nature. The bones of his neck were broken and so were the two left rib bones. The police said that these could have been broken as Ani kicked his father. Three lesions were also found on the body, including one on the stomach. The report said that Varkey had died before 11pm.

After the crime, Ani tried to remove the blood stains from the floor, the forensic experts have found. The forensic examination also found blood stains on the wall and parts of the hair.

The probe was led by Thrikkodithanam SI Sabu Unni, ASIs Sreekumar, Sabu, Cleetus, Shajimon and CPO Biju.

Varkey’s funeral was held around 6:30pm on September 19.