QR code in SCERT textbooks: Students can now watch and learn

QR code in SCERT textbooks: Students can now watch and learn
QR code as seen in Class XI SCERT Biology textbook.

Thiruvananthapuram: Students in Kerala can now watch and listen to the content in their textbooks! The SCERT (State Council of Educational Research and Training) has prepared Class 9 and 10 textbooks with QR codes that can be scanned with smartphones.

QR codes for additional reading have been included in textbooks for all subjects. Class 9 Biology textbook has codes that take students to videos with science experiments. Visual representations of language subjects have also been included. Easy solutions to math problems can now be seen on Geogebra App videos. They are available for both Malayalam and English medium students.

The videos were prepared by collecting information from Council of Educational Research and Training’s portals Diksha and Samagra Shiksha. Training events to familiarise teachers with QR code use will be held in state soon.

The Quick Response code is a two-dimensional code used for identifying or tracking items to a website or application. It is also being increasingly used to identify unique products in provision stores and other areas which involve classification as it has the ability to store greater data than the traditional barcode.