PSC pulls out Sabarimala question from evaluation

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The civil services (preliminary) examination, 2018 was conducted on June 3, 2018.

Thiruvananthapuram: The PSC will exclude a question on Sabarimala from evaluation as controversy erupted over its inclusion in a recent test.

A meeting held yesterday suggested the member who prepared the question be removed from the panel and disciplinary action taken.

Candidates in an April 3 online test for the post of psychiatry assistant professor at Medical Education Department were asked to name the women who entered Sabarimala after a Supreme Court verdict. The PSC has decided not to make public the name of the member concerned.

The meeting discussed the issue in detail. When some Left-leaning members found no fault in the question, most of them opposed it. When translated into Malayalam, the question could also mean ‘women who could’ enter Sabarimala, it was also pointed out. Ambiguous questions and wrong choices should be avoided, they opined.

The ambiguity also led to the suspicion if it was a deliberate attempt. An overseeing committee suggested the exclusion and the PSC meeting accepted it. Action will be initiated against the member for negligence, it was decided.

Each panelist chosen by exam controller from a list made by PSC chairman prepares a question paper and delivers it in sealed envelope. One among them is chosen through a draw. PSC authorities know the questions only on the day of the test, leaving no chance of correcting a mistake that might have occurred in the test paper.