Children in this town have a question. Will the civic bosses answer?

Kottayam: A public park in the heart of the town has been rendered out of bounds for the residents for three years. Yet municipal authorities have no clear answer to when it will be reopened to the public again.

The park was closed down for renovation three years ago. Rs 94 lakh was estimated to build an open air theater, a musical fountain, small tanks, play areas and pathways along the garden. All that was done was to fill the park with loads of earth and build an entrance gate.

The promised lawn, fountain and play areas remain on paper, in violation of a contract to finish all works within 16 months.

Thiruvanchoor Radhakrishnan has allotted Rs 1.63 crore from his MLA fund in 2014 for the renovation of the park. That fund is set to lapse in the absence of any work done.

The park is within earshot of the municipal office yet the municipal chairperson or the administrative council have not bothered to follow up on the work. The engineering section of the municipality has showed no interest in renovating and reopening the park.

The problem was compounded by the frequent transfers of engineers by the local self-government department.

The engineers in charge of the works at the part have showed little interest in the project. Some of them found pleasure in delaying work by raising silly objections. The contract workers are yet to receive payment from the government because the bureaucrats have not submitted their reports.

Children in the town longingly wait for the part to open. So does the unique sculpture named ‘Bahuroopi’, which was created by K S Radhakrishnan out of love to his native land.

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