Kerala information commission slaps Rs 2,000 fine on state HRC

The human rights commission has to pay the fine within 30 days and inform the secretary or face confiscation of property: Representative image

Two commissions are facing off in the state over Rs 2,000!

The bone of contention is the Rs,2000 fine slapped by the Kerala state information commission on the state human rights commission.

The chief information commissioner issued a fine to the public information officer of the human rights commission while acting on a complaint that a document supplied to an RTI applicant was illegible.

The fine has to be paid within 30 days or the amount has to be raised by seizing property and auctioning it.

This unprecedented action in the history of both the commissions has left the officials at the human rights commission clueless.

It all started when a Mavelikkara native approached the human rights commission seeking documents under the right to information act.

The human rights commission handed over the copies of the order to the applicant.

However, in the copies provided to the applicant, some of the letters were illegible and the applicant filed a complaint with the state information commission.

The chief information commissioner summoned the human rights commissioner and sought an explanation.

The human rights commissioner explained that it was not a deliberate error and the letters might have not blurred while taking photocopies.

The chief information officer didn't accept this explanation and issued an order slapping a fine of Rs2,000 on the human rights commission on November 27.

The human rights commission has to pay the fine within 30 days and inform the secretary.

Otherwise, the fine has to be deducted from the officer's salary and this has to be intimated to the state information commission.

If this doesn't happen, procedures have to be initiated to seize his property and auction them to raise the required amount.

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