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Last Updated Saturday April 21 2018 01:55 AM IST

Human Rights Commission orders inquiry into police torture

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Vehicle scraps district judge's car, family with a kidney patient harassed for 6 hours Puthuparambil Nidhin; his father, Thomas, who is a renal patient; mother, Lisy; sister Neethu; wife, Anju; and two-year-old daughter Jovana had begun their journey to Kochi from Vadakancheri in Palakkad Sunday morning.

Aluva: Taking note of the reports on the 6-hour police torture endured by a family, including a renal patient and a toddler, at three police stations across two districts on Sunday, the State Human Rights Commission has issued orders for investigation.

The commission has ordered that a senior police officer must investigate the alleged illegal detention and submit a report within three weeks.

Their fault: their vehicle scraped the district judge's car. The family was hauled across the police stations and finally let off without even filing a petty case.

The incident happened on the National Highway at Chirangara in Koratty and the family was mentally tortured at police stations in Aluva, Chalakkudy and Koratty.

This has happened when the DGP's directives clearly state that for driver's fault the travelers, especially women and kids, should not be taken to police stations, and if a car carrying a family involves in a petty case their car should not be seized.

Ironically, the two-year-old child had to suffer at the hands of policemen on the eve of the International Children's Day.

Puthuparambil Nidhin; his father, Thomas, who is a renal patient; mother, Lisy; sister Neethu; wife, Anju; and two-year-old daughter Jovana had begun their journey to Kochi from Vadakancheri in Palakkad Sunday morning.

By 9.30 am, they reached Chirangara, and their ordeal began. Both the cars were traveling in the same direction. Nidhin, who was driving his car, alleged that the judge's car overtook his vehicle from the left and scraped his car's left side mirror. The judge's car didn't stop but got stuck at a traffic signal.

Some motorcyclists and private bus workers who saw the incident questioned the driver of the judge's car. Nidhin said that the driver got out of the car and abused him and his family. Though the judge was sitting in the backseat of the car, he didn't come out of the vehicle.

When Nidhin insisted that they wait till the highway police arrive to sort out the issue, the driver snubbed him saying 'you can call police or army' and got into the car and left.

However, by 11am when Nidhin reached Thottakkattukara in Aluva his car was dramatically blocked by Aluva traffic police. Along with his family members the car was taken to Aluva traffic station.

Traffic police collected copies of his car's documents and by 12.30pm they were asked to go to Chalakudy and meet the CI there. Hungry and thirsty, they waited there for long but the CI didn't turn up. By this time, his father's condition worsened. They were then told that they can meet the SI. But even the SI was not present in the station. By 2.30, an SI turned up and asked them to go to Koratty police station. At Koratty station, they waited till 5pm before they were told that they can go.

The family said that they had asked the cops at the three stations what was their fault but were not given any reply. Cops were told to hold the family back and let them go only when told, said Nidhin.

Aluva police personnel said that they blocked the car and took the passengers to the station on the directives of the Chalakudy police.

The Chalakudy police explained that the judge had called and complained that Nidhin's car didn't stop after hitting the judge's car and he had misbehaved too. The Chalakudy police had also sent messages to other stations to block the car.

The Koratty police said there was no written complaint and hence the family was warned and let off. The judge's phone number was obtained from the motor vehicles department's records but he didn't answer the call.

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